Happy Canada Day 2010! Health, Happiness, and Let’s Bring it in the Canadian Way! Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Happy Canada Day 2010!   It’s been a wild and wonderful year in many ways.    Here’s hoping you have a safe and fun Canada Day whether you’re by the river at Lamoureaux Parc here in Cornwall, on the road, or just having some cold ones at the house!

From everyone at The Cornwall Free News Happy Canada Day!


  1. After what I saw last week at the G20 summit, I not so proud anymore to be Canadian.

  2. Hey Willie, the bridge is still open. You can always go south. I’m sure the Americans will welcome you with open arms.

  3. Looking forward to the festivities. A long over due four day weekend begins now!

  4. Reg, I guess I shouldn’t speak my mind. Sorry, I forgot about King Stephens new rules.

  5. Willie, You don’t go to a birthday party and tell the guest of honour how disappointed you are in them. There are lots of other columns in this site for you to vent.

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