1000 Island Dockdogs at Brockville Ontario Riverfest July 1-4

Brockville ON – Now this looks like fun!   Brockville’s long time summer event, Riverfest has Dockdogs competing in skills competition on their waterfront.  I spent a bit of time there yesterday and what a great and beautiful location and good time it looked.

So if you’re out and about looking for something to do check them out from July 1-4!

Dockdogs in Action!




  1. Imagine we had a dog-friendly city? This looks like fun andwe can’t even get our dogs within 100 feet ogf the water.

  2. Whatever happened to the dog park debate we had earlier this year?

  3. I believe their is currently a committee working towards getting an offleash dog park for Cornwall. What the hold up is, I don’t know.

    My wife had business in Kingston this weekend, and I decided to tag along, bringing our two hound dogs to one of their FOUR off leash dog parks in the city. It is a great benefit, both mentally and physically, for dogs to be able to socialize in an offleash setting. My pooches had a blast; running sniffing, and having fun, like dogs (should) do. It is not only a great opportunity for the dogs to socialize, but for the owners as well. I struck up conversations with at least five other dog owners, who were unanimously shocked that not only does Cornwall not have any offleash parks, but our dogs are not even allowed in our parks ON A LEASH. It was kind of embarrassing.

  4. Author

    There’s a bewildering amount of secrecy behind the team that is attempting to bring a dog park to Cornwall. I know our MP was involved at some point too. It shouldn’t be this hard to find a location and make it happen or simply try and make a park or two leash dog friendly.

    Maybe someone in this city council will make it their goal during the last gasps of this term?? If not hopefully it will be an election issue.

  5. It had better be an election issue or they’re OUT!!!

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