Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Get W.E.T. Free Water Efficiency Tools from the Raisin Region Conservation Authority – Cornwall Ontario – July 5, 2010

Cornwall ON – Get W.E.T. with the water efficiency team from the Raisin Region Conservation Authority this summer.
The goal of this team is to provide tools and information to make “homeowners in our community aware of water conservation and general environmental stewardship”.  Call the Water Efficiency Team at 1-866-3611 or 613-938-3611 to reserve your appointment today.  This service is absolutely FREE.  I mean it!  No strings attached.
Local Conservation groups and municipal governments want to help you save precious water resources in looking after your day to day requirements.  The W.E.T. representative can help you save thousands of litres of water annually by providing your home with water conservation tools such as toilet dams, tap aerators and hose nozzles.  These tools are provided and installed free of charge.  Yes I know it may be hard to believe that it is free however it really is.  This service is available on a first come, first served basis so call for your appointment today.

The following is a 13 minute video that I pray you will take the time to watch and in my friend Nadine’s word’s is an issue affecting us all and even more dangerous and insidious than the oil spill that we are still dealing with.   It is a heart-felt narration and appeal of a Saskatchewan farmer who is no longer allowed to gather seed, a practice as old as time.  In short, he cannot farm organically and independently but must comply with enforced practices he knows to be dangerous.  I hope he will be a modern day Rosa Parks.

If you have seen Food Inc. you are already aware that a handful of conglomerates now control everything we farm, prepare and eat, from seed to supermarket.  Even that is of less concern to me than the irreversible contamination of our seeds and what it means for the health of our planet and the future.

It is time for us to wake up from denial and begin the change.  For the 2020 Vision Initiatives, I believe in the One-Step Program, and that is “Stop It”.  It is no different than any other addiction.  Until we admit that there is a problem, the insanity and decline will continue while we party and rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic.  Like the good seeds, and this farmer’s field, those who are awake cannot help but be entangled or contaminated while this abuse of power continues.

It is time for liberation.  The biologist Sandra Steingraber of Living Upstream compares what is happening now to the time when the demolition of slavery was considered ruinous to the economy.  It had to be done anyway.  Doing the right thing is never ruinous but liberating for the common good.  We do have the brainpower and creativity to do the right thing.  Holding the sword sometimes begins with simply saying no.

Our thanks to Nadine for sharing this important information.  Your commentary is encouraged and appreciated.  Do take some time to enjoy the some of the many simple beautiful gifts of the season; black-eyed susans, daises, fireflies, bumblebees, the call of a Robin…simple blessings.


  1. Please take note dear readers that the words following “in my friend Nadine’s words” to and including “Holding the sword sometimes begins with simply saying no.” is a very welcome sharing from a dear, selfless, caring, wonderful person, Nadine Lucki who works tirelessly for all life. Thank you for all that you do Nadine.

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