Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner or in this case a BBQ on July 13, 2010? Bernadette Clement announces Cornwall Ontario visit by Michael Ignatieff, Federal Liberal Party of Canada Leader

Liberal Candidate Bernadette Clement Announces Michael Ignatieff Liberal Express Tour Coming to Cornwall

Cornwall ON – Stormont Dundas South Glengarry Federal Liberal candidate Bernadette Clement today announced that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff will be in Cornwall On Tuesday, July 13 2010, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.

“We are very pleased that Cornwall is one of the first stops on the first day of the Leader’s very important cross country tour. This will give residents of Stormont Dundas South Glengarry the opportunity to see firsthand the true Michael Ignatieff, a leader that listens, cares and wants to help Canadians by making a difference in government,” said Ms. Clement.
Mr. Ignatieff with Ms. Clement will greet residents of the riding at Dream Builder Studios at 2107 Second St. West, Cornwall, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m..

Claude Poirier, President of the Stormont Dundas South Glengarry Federal Liberal Association, announced the association will host a barbeque and that everyone is invited to attend this special summer gathering.

Ms. Clement added, “our leader Michael Ignatieff has demonstrated a strong understanding of rural urban ridings like Stormont Dundas South Glengarry, residents of the riding will be able to hear first hand Liberal plans that will benefit all Canadians. I look forward to welcoming residents of the riding at this special visit.”

La candidate libérale, Bernadette Clément, annonce que la tournée éclair de Michael Ignatieff fera un arrêt à Cornwall.

La candidate libérale fédérale de Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry  Sud, Bernadette Clément, a annoncé aujourd’hui que le chef libéral, Michael Ignatieff, sera à Cornwall le mardi 13 juillet prochain, de 17 h 30 à 20 h.

Nous sommes très heureux que Cornwall soit l’un des premiers arrêts, le premier jour de l’importante tournée transcanadienne du chef, affirme Mme Clément. Les résidents de Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry Sud auront ainsi l’occasion d’apprécier mêmes le vrai Michael Ignatieff. C’est un leader qui écoute véritablement, s’occupe des Canadiennes et des Canadiens et veut les aider en faisant des changements au gouvernement.

M. Ignatieff, accompagné de Mme Clément, accueillera les résidents du comté au Dream Builder Studios. au 2107, Second Street West, à Cornwall, de 17 h 30 à  20 h.

M. Claude Poirier, président de l’association libérale fédérale de Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry Sud, annonce que son association fera un barbecue, un événement spécial  auquel tous sont invités.

Pour sa part, Mme Clément ajoute que « Michael Ignatieff, notre chef, a fait la preuve qu’il comprend très bien les comtés à la fois ruraux et urbains comme le nôtre.  Nos gens pourront avoir un aperçu des plans du Parti libéral qui profiteront à tous les Canadiens. Et  j’ai bien hâte d’accueillir les gens du comté lors de cette visite


  1. Boooo….. Bring Frank McKenna instead…

    “This will give residents of Stormont Dundas South Glengarry the opportunity to see firsthand the true Michael Ignatieff, a leader that listens, cares and wants to help Canadians by making a difference in government,”

    First off, he’s not much of a leader.
    He’s too wishy washy in his politics, he’s sinking the Liberal party as far as my opinion goes.
    Someone needs to stand up to Harper and it’s certainly not Ignatieff that is doing that.
    A true leader would vote for what their constituents and conscience tells them to do on something, even if it brings detriment to themselves or their party, because its just the right thing to do. And again, Ignatieff certainly hasn’t demonstrated that so far. While trying to keep the Liberal party alive that he’s currently imploding, he bends to Harper.
    So quite frankly, unless he grows more of a set, he’s definitely not going to be getting my support.

    ““our leader Michael Ignatieff has demonstrated a strong understanding of rural urban ridings like Stormont Dundas South Glengarry”

    HAHAHA!!! I needed a good laugh this morning.

  2. Author

    Grimalot, the reality is that if you really want Mr. Harper gone next election Mr. Ignatieff, or Mr. Layton have the best shot.

    Frankly the way the numbers are rolling if an election were held today Mr. Harper may have his much desired majority.

    I think the solution is that Canadian politicians wake up and realize that they may have to work together to get Mr. Harper away from the controls of this country.

    There is a different way needed to get things done as Canada is about the feel the impact of the US Depression. I wish Mr. Ignatieff all the luck as it does look like we’re going to get a Fall election call.

    I hope that when the dust settles that he’s willing to help find solutions to ending Mr. Harper’s tenure as Prime Minister of Canada as Mr. Harper has clearly shown he’s not interested in truly running the government of Canada unless he has a majority; which I’m not so sure the voters of Canada will ever give him.

  3. Oh I agree with you on most of that opinion Jamie. The only one I don’t is that Ignatieff is not a sound leader. We need people showing real leadership skills, not people that will bend their convictions for the will of keeping a party alive.

    Id have more respect for him as a leader if he didn’t do that. I even believe if he took a bullet for once, that maybe the citizens of Canada may just possibly gain a little more respect for him and for the Liberal party. But no, at this time, I don’t like his politics. Too Laytonish…

  4. I don’t like his politics either, in fact I don’t like the Liberal party very much. Frank McKenna had a chance to get in on the action and he declined… stop dreaming people. The next election gets Harper a majority government though Jamie will defeat Lauzon in our riding. We need new blood in government and Jamie is it! (At least we can dream a little can’t we?)

  5. Maybe King Stephen promised Iggy a senate seat if he plays nice.

  6. Enough already of Harper, Lauzon and the whole pack of nasty ignorant incompetents. But who will lead the charge?

  7. Author

    PJR – It’s up to the voters to lead the charge. If they truly want change it’s always been up to them.

  8. And if voters are apathetic or unaware?

  9. Author

    Well PJR I was one voter and I started a newspaper and radio station. I’m not running for public office. I’m just one person. You’re posting here. Others do to. We may not all agree with each other, but when you create something sometimes it attracts others.

    Nothing changes overnight. This apathy that so many of us speak of took a generation to create. It may take longer. I was asked recently what I considered a “win” in this upcoming elections. I answered “one more vote than my predecessor” and yes, while my goal is to become MP of SD&SG if we can have a better overall voter turnout in this riding in the next election than the last I think we all win.

    We need people to realize soon how important and valuable their votes are irrespective of partisanship.

  10. admin
    Your statement July 8 2010 at 9;00am wrong, in theory correct but in reality unless we have a huge change in back room politics wrong.

  11. smee go vote yourself into a corner

  12. Yes of course, admin. What I meant is–Where is the leader to lead the charge? Fact is we have a leadership vacuum.

  13. I am an adamant non-voter, and it has nothing to do with apathy. However, this time around MAY be different. If we have the oppotunity to rid ourselves of this automaton we call an MP and replace him with a real live human being, I may have no choice.

    Which is the one of the unfortunate consequenses of our current system. I will be forced to vote Liberal, despite the fact I loathe the liberals and their policies. But still, Bernadette has GOT to be better than Guy, right?

  14. rodney, the liberals are not your only choice. you could vote green and elect jamie. if we don’t try we’ll never know.

  15. Author

    I think in the next election people will have to choose between the status quo or change. If you want the status quo then it’s either Blue or Red. If you want change there are two options and depending on where you stand to me it becomes issue centric.

    This is where Democracy works. I think the more informed people become about the “real election” issues the clearer the decisions who to vote for becomes.

    For me personally, and one of the reasons I agreed to run at this level is Medicare. From what I’ve seen there are only two parties committed to saving Medicare as we know it and maybe even trying to fix it.

    What I do know is that if Stephen Harper is given a majority government in the next election Medicare as we know it is over and dead. Once Medicare passes into the hands of the provinces Nafta will show it’s ugly head and open some pandoras box that non of us probably want opened.

  16. Antipasta: The Liberals ARE my only choice. No offence to Jamie or Darlene, but a vote for the NDP or the Greens is throwing your vote away. Those of us who lean to the right politically have only one choice: the Tories. But those who lean to the left have to split their vote between three parties. So even if the majority of us are left-leaning, the Tories will still win, and that would not be good.

    I agree with admin, protecting medicare has to be our number one issue. I don’t know who is going to do that, but I know who won’t. So please people, let’s not waste votes on people we like, who run on platforms we approve of. Let’s just focus our energy on getting rid of these Conservatives. Please.

  17. Author

    Hi Rodney, as I’m sure you know I was a Liberal up until recently. In theory what you say is 100% true, but in practice you have to be careful. I think you have to be 100% sure that by voting strategically you’ll get what you hope for.

    If you’re wrong…well look at what’s been going on this year. If I personally knew for sure that by voting Liberal I’d be rid of Mr. Harper I myself may actually vote that way.

    The opposite is that I think people have to vote for the issues and people that they feel will represent them best. I know I personally agree Mr. Harper has to go and should’ve been gone when the opportunity to so was clearly there.

    I think Canada would be much better off if the coalition had been created instead of what’s occurred since. My biggest concern right now with strategic voting and one of the reasons I accepted to run is that if we end up with another minority government will Mr. Ignatieff give Mr. Harper 4 more years of free reign or help form a coalition and take him down?

    That to me is the money question because as of today we’re looking at either a Harper majority or another minority government depending on which poll you listen to.

  18. Someone is coming to dinner?? Who’s paying???

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