Letter to the Editor – Tammy A Hart is happy with new Governor General David Johnston – Cornwall Ontario – July 9, 2010

Letter to the editor,

Kudos goes out to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for choosing our new Governor General, David Johnston.

David Johnston has a distinguished academic record; he is a legal scholar and was president of the University of Waterloo.  He is 69 years old, married to a doctor and has five daughters all in university.  His greatest asset is that he loves hockey.  A proud day for Canada!

Tammy A. Hart

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Joe GunnBugaboos


  1. I hope you’re right, Tammy. But Johnston is a Harper appointment. Will he allow Harper to ride roughshod over the Canadian constitution and 800 years of Parliamentary tradition, as the last one did, or will he stand up to Harper?

    Only then will we know.

  2. Yeah, I see Harper pulling another prorogue or something I bet…

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