Why is Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper so Afraid of a Coalition? Cornwall Ontario – July 11, 2010

Cornwall ON – Well the Summer Season is kicking into high gear for politics in Canada.   Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper is in Calgary for the Federally funded stampede beating the drums.

The fastest beat is his insistence on the possibility of a coalition against him thus why Canadians should give him a majority when he somehow gets Mr. Ignatieff to agree to an election.


“They’re moving ever closer together. They don’t think they can beat us alone, so what they hope is that next time they can deny us a majority and then form a coalition of losing parties …”

I hate to break it to our PM, but if you have a minority government all parties have essentially lost the election with none gaining a majority.   It’s probably the way of the future for Canada unless we REFORM our political system as many are suggesting.

When you have a minority government there are two choices.   The party with the most seats finds a way to govern without the others toppling it or a COALITION is formed to govern for as long as the politicians hold to the agreement.

Now I give Mr. Harper credit.   If I were him I’d use the scare tactics about a coalition because most likely it’s going to remove him from power and power seems to be his drug of choice.

He’ll throw bones to Mr. Layton, to Mr. Ignatieff, and dare I say even Mr. Duceppe if it will prolong his grip on the reins of power for Canada.

This minority government will end soon.   We will have another election.    Again, who is making all this noise about elections being bad?   They’re good for the sign business.  They’re good for the advertising business.   Sometimes they even make us face and consider important issues that impact our daily lives; like HEALTHCARE, and why we’re fighting wars for Uncle Sam, or spending BILLIONS of dollars on things that most Canadians wouldn’t vote to pay for.

So to me elections are not a bad thing.    To me what’s bad is corrupting the foundations of our Canada with spin and divisive politics.    Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world.   Our glass is definitely more than half full.

We as Canadians need to see through the haze of sound bites and pull together as we all are about to feel the splash of the US Depression; if not World Depression and start taking care of each other and building a better, cleaner, and safer world for our future.

And Mr. Ignatieff;

At his breakfast, Ignatieff admitted the Liberals have to stop thinking they’re the natural ruling party and earn the confidence of Canadians.

I only partially agree with you on this.    Liberals do need to earn the confidence and trust of Canadians, a majority of whom freely gave it for generations.    This is your Holy Grail.  This is why you’ve been sucking on Mr. Harper’s exhaust fumes.     If you wish to be the party you once were you’re going to have to get your mojo working again and be what you truly are and not something you never have.

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