Is the Era of Facebook Coming to an End? By Markus Noé – Cornwall Ontario – July 14, 2010

Cornwall ON – Last month as social networking behemoths “Facebook” took a beating in blogs and newspapers around the world, their current and potential users took notice. Facebook was accused of not being able to provide adequate privacy for its users as well as selling their contact information to advertisers.

As a result Facebook market researchers noticed that between the months of May/June new subscribers dropped substantially. In the month of May Facebook acquired 7.8 million new users in the U.S, and in June only 320,000. Normal market fluctuation cannot account for such a drastic drop of new users. Obviously the negative media attention Facebook has been receiving has taken its toll. But now the question is could this be the end of the Facebook era?

Unfortunately for Mark Zuckerberg “creator” of Facebook his problems are only getting worse. Word came out today in a lawsuit filed in a New York court by Paul D. Ceglia, that he initially bankrolled the creation of something called “theFacebook” for $1000.

Ceglia is alleging that he cut a deal with Zuckerberg back in 2003 that would see Ceglia owning 50 percent of the company. Apparently the deal also stated that every day the website remained unfinished past January 1, 2004 Ceglia would acquire an additional one percent a day. The website was not finished until February 4, 2004. According to the terms of this contract that is being disputed, Ceglia owns 84 percent of “theFacebook”.

Ceglia’s main argument is that Facebook in its current state is just a continuum of their original project.  What could this mean for Zuckerberg and Facebook users if Ceglia wins this case? Can a New York judge make Zuckerberg give up 84 percent of the company? Only time will tell, but the fact remains we could be witnessing the end of the biggest online revolution since the creation of the internet.

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  1. Facebook is the disco social media of the internet. Let it die.


    The ownership debate is one matter, but the fact is internet users are becoming more and more accustomed to sharing information online. If the Facebook empire does collapse, it won’t be because users change their minds about privacy issues.. it will be a financial/legal problem. Even in such a case, there will be a similar social networking site waiting in the wings… this is not the end of an era. It’s only the beginning.

  3. facebook, hmm maybe a good place to distribute the posts negated by webpages

  4. Facebook is a complete waste of time. I killed my account a few weeks ago. I predict Facebook will be passé by the end of 2011

  5. facebook causes so much trouble people kill there selfs over what is said and put up

  6. A few bad months of new enrollment can not be the only factor used to show the end, did anyone check with Al Gore? LOL

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