Michael Ignatieff Soggy in Cornwall Ontario – Overcomes Bus Breakdown to speak to crowd of nearly 200 Faithful in Cornwall Ontario – July 15, 2010

Cornwall ON – Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was Singing in the Rain last night in Cornwall Ontario.   In a Stephane Dionesque moment his bus broke down en route , but ever the trooper, the sole reason Stephen Harper is still in power, hitched a ride and made it to the crowd of nearly 200 who were munching on hot dogs and hamburgers awaiting his arrival.

Revved up by his nearly hour long impromptu speech and customary kissing of the babies; a  jeans wearing Mr. Ignatieff’s event also included an attack on the NDP.   The crowd showed their appreciation; but the hero, or heroine of the night was Bernadette Clement; the local Liberal Candidate in the upcoming election who garnered the biggest cheers from the patient and soggy crowd who braved  a wait indoors without air conditioning at the Dream Builder studio.

Tomorrow the Liberal leader hits Brockville and Kingston as his tour across Canada continues.


  1. I wonder what the Reform Party propaganda machine is going to make of the bus breakdown. It rather reminds me of when Joe Clark had his luggage lost.

  2. How ironic. The broken down leader of a broken down political party in a broken down bus! And all he could do was attack the NDP party (Maybe they built the bus?)

  3. An attack on the NDP *LOL* were they not trying to form a coalition of sorts?

    Sheesh are they blatantly telling Cornwallites “hey as a Canadian you are just truly that stupid” We do not play well with our friends and we will make your life better, trust me *lol*

  4. Trust in the federal Liberal party went out with Adscam and their entitlement to their “entitlements!”. Trust in the provincial Liberal party went out when Dalton McGuinty introduced new taxes for us. New taxes, new taxes, new taxes ad nauseum! There can be no trust with the Liberals.

  5. The spelling is ad nauseam, Stan…..fits Harper & Co to a T.

  6. I agree Stan, if all Igi can do is make childish remarks comparing Harper to the devil, then to me that proves this man has no substance. And the Federal Liberals are at their lowest.

  7. PJR, I stand corrected. Ad nauseam it is from now on.

  8. He is going to cost us money if the liberals ever become popular again. Just look in his eyes it screams corruption

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