Liberal bus breaks down, Michael Ignatieff visits Cornwall Ontario By Jason Setnyk – July 15, 2010

Cornwall ON – Polls indicate that the Conservatives might form another government if an election is held today. But Michael Ignatieff who visited Cornwall is trying to change that.

Ignatieff who is the leader of the official opposition in the House of Commons is on a six week tour this summer trying to drum up Liberal support.

Winning ridings like SDSG and having Bernadette Clement elected are key if the Liberals hope to form a government.

The first day of the tour had a rocky start. After stops in Hawkesbury and St. Albert’s where Ignatieff bought cheese, the Liberal boss had a hard time getting to his next stop.

The Liberal bus broke down delaying his visit to Cornwall by about two hours. Later that night Ignatieff would joke that Steven Harper was seen lurking in the shadows with motor oil on his hands.

About 200 loyal Liberal supporters were ready for a summer BBQ, but instead they had to endure rain and a lightning storm.

Before the storm hit, Jim Brownell and Bernadette Clement were shaking hands and mingling with the crowd outside.

Former SDSG Liberal candidate Denis Sabourin was barbequing, while event coordinator and local school teacher Tracy Champagne was setting up Canadian flags and red and white balloons.

When the storm hit, the crowd went inside. Joel Sauve provided entertainment, playing acoustic guitar in the un-air-conditioned building, as Liberal supporters waited patiently for their leader to arrive.

When Ignatieff arrived, the crowd cheered and clapped. Dressed in a plaid shirt, jeans, and boots, he shook hands and talked to Cornwall residents in attendance.

When Clement was on stage, she talked about how the Conservatives represent “the politics of grudge”. She has a vision of Canada where political parties work together instead of holding grudges.

Ignatieff addressed several issues to the Cornwall crowd. He believes governments should invest in infrastructure and children.

Ignatieff made it clear he does not want tax dollars to be wasted like the current government is doing.

He brought up the Conservatives billion dollar boondoggle at the recent G8 and G20 meetings. “I won’t spend a billion dollars on a photo opportunity that shuts down Toronto”.

He also asked the crowd to help the Liberal Party.

“Dig deep, call people, talk to people, talk to that cranky Conservative who lives down the street. The NDP is fine, but they are not going to form government. We need to extend, extend, this big red tent in the centre”.

Ignatieff told the Cornwall crowd he wants Clement elected. “I need Bernadette Clement in the House of Commons. I need you to help me get her their”.

Ignatieff also addressed the issue of the bridge dispute. He said SDSG deserves better than Guy Lauzon.

“The federal government has to get involved, get mediation, we can’t have the Cornwall economy held hostage by this dispute… everyone is critical of Mr. Lauzon‘s absence on this issue.”

According to Ignatieff, “Bernadette Clement has been working hard on this issue and is heavily engaged,  and I respect what she’s trying to do”.



  1. While many agree that we in SDSG deserve better than Guy Lauzon, the Liberal Party deserves better than Michael Ignatieff

  2. The Cons need a true Conservative, not Harper either. Both poor excuses for leaders. And of course, Guy has to submit paperwork to get whatever “none of his own opinion” approved by the PMO, since they of course pull his strings.

  3. Canada and Canadians deserve better–way better–than any of the current “leaders” and our cipher of an MP. Which means one thing only: we have to get off our duffs and make it happen.

  4. I wonder how much it cost theliberal party to pay iggy back from the United States. Of course you can rest assured there are monetary stipulations of which will come from tax dollars

  5. smee there you go again, judging unfairly.
    Didn’t you know that Igi announced that if he were elected, he would put Federal money into our Canadian students to send them around the world so that they can become culturally educated.
    Igi claims that its benefited him enormously from living in other countries, and its an experience everyone should have access to though our school. Dont we all want to spend our money that way? What an ass.

  6. Smee, Im being sarcastic about Igi…its him I am calling the ass not you. Just so we have it right.

  7. I’m sorry but has there been an election called? I don’t expect to see Conservative attack adds without an election. I guess this is just preemptive and an effort of misdirection. We don’t want people remembering the billion dollar boondoggle in Toronto or selling off Canadian heritage or the contempt of parliament for refusing to provide information about the Afghan mission. We won’t even get into the scandals that forced Conservative MP out of the party caucus. And then there is the lack of presence of our local Conservative MP in anything that really counts for our riding. Oh sure, he’s been to some barbecues…..

    No, let’s all talk about a bus breakdown and an offhand remark about a political opponent. Really now, is the Conservative party so scared of Iggy that you have to demonized him for such trivial events?

  8. Author

    Well Reg it is what was done to Stephane Dion….it did seem to work…..

  9. It was also done to Chretien…remember those ads mocking the way he speaks? Now that was deplorable.

  10. “The NDP is fine” I am no grammer teacher but….but are they fine? Did they not want to talk with the Taliban, as if a chat would change their thinking on sharing the world..

    Sabatoge a bus, that is funny since the Liberals do not need the help.

    So what would the federal liberals do to get the bridge issue corrected? I missed that part.

  11. Why does the coalition not attempt to topple the conservatives?

    Though we may not like Harper the other patties know they have nothing better to offer. Add to that to be a federal leader under such difficult times would not be easy for anyone.

    The only person with the nerve and conscience to do so is Harper. The other parties are actually scared to win.

  12. smee, when you know you can win then you try and topple. When you are not sure then you sit back and wait. Unfortunately, if an election came then the coalition would lose, we know that, and Harper would have his majority. The polls show us that Canadians are solidly behind the Conservatives because there is no VIABLE OPPOSITION! With all that goes on around us have you heard any other party tell us what they would do? Thats because they have no plans for anything except to get into power!

  13. smee’s question is bang on, Stan. The Harper Conservatives are in OPPOSITION to the majority of Canadians, and power is all they are interested in. Have you noticed that their answer to everything is, “Don’t listen, Apply force”? Is that leadership? Is that democracy? Is that Canada?

    When are Canadians going to say, “Enough already! Put a coalition together and get the Harperite incubus out.” The Brits have a coalition government, the Australians are talking about having one. What are we Canadians waiting for?

  14. Author

    PJR – I don’t think you can “put together” a coalition as an election issue. You either stop Harper dead in his tracks as should’ve happened, or after an election you form one.

    I have to ask the main question is why Mr. Ignatieff backed down from forming a coalition and allowed Mr. Harper to spend a year devastating our economy and bring in a litany of petty and pointless laws as happened in the last budget??

  15. This is one of the reasons that Lib support is so soft. They have been diving for cover at every confidence vote for the last four years. We haven’t had a proper opposition. Most Canadians have no love for Harper and his policies, and the Libs have let them down big-time. They’ve been too busy fighting amongst themselves to fight for our interests. Harper has had in effect a majority government for the last four years thanks to the Libs. I will still vote for them, but it’s not because they deserve it.

  16. admin, how do you suggest to stop Harper dead in his tracks? The answer to your “main question” is surely obvious: Ignatieff is a fish out of water…and I’m not sure what water he’s a fish in.

  17. Furtz, you called it.

  18. After reading a couple of the comments, I had to check the House of Commons member list because I thought the Conservatives had won an election, making other groups an opposition.
    C – 144
    L – 77
    Bloq – 48
    NDP – 36

  19. Author

    PJR the answer to your question is quite simple. Mr. Ignatieff has had the opportunity to topple Mr. Harper’s government quite a few times over the last year including this budget.

    Either an election would be called or a coalition if possible could take over.

    My question is why has Mr. Ignatieff given Mr. Harper a free pass all of this time?

  20. Simple…..because it is the will of the people NOT to have an election anytime soon. Harper’s doing a not-too-bad job of it right now, he’s been accepted by all of the other leaders of the world, let him get on with it. At least he’s the devil we know!

  21. And my answer, admin, is that Ignatieff has allowed himself to be intimidated by Harper. Fairy tales exist for a reason; they have important messages for how human beings cope with reality. Harper is like the fairy-tale monster that casts a spell on all who cross his path, and the only way to take him out is to break the spell. Ignatieff either doesn’t know how to or doesn’t have the get-up-and-go to face Harper down.

  22. Author

    Hi PJR – well I can’t argue with you there. It’s one of the reasons I left the Liberal Party and am now the Green candidate locally.

  23. And you can’t be the only one to leave, admin.

  24. Author

    PJR I honestly agree with the statement regarding the Liberals being the party of government in Canada and that when they are not in power it’s more a reflection of the breakdown within the party than external issues.

    Until the Liberals can unite truly without back stabbing and abusing each other they will not be in power. It’s amazing how Shakespearian politics can be.

  25. Yes, admin, because the traditional Canadian values of compassion, tolerance, and fairness happen to be liberal values. These are the values that the Harper crowd is consistently abusing, degrading Canada in the process. That’s why they have to go.

  26. Author

    Again I agree PJR – I just don’t think Mr. Ignatieff deserves a free ride when he hasn’t shown he’s the guy. He’s given Mr. Harper a free ride for far too long and that for me fundamentally is an issue.

    “He urged his troops to tell Greens and NDP members: “We can get it done and you can’t, so come on board, come into the big red tent.”

    Maybe, just maybe, more Liberals should be voting NDP or Green? And for sure many who vote Blue should probably reconsider giving their votes to Mr. Harper and his policies….

  27. Yes, admin, I agree: the sooner Ignatieff goes, the better. He should never have been brought in in the first place, let alone acclaimed after Dion. Big, big mistakes by the LPC.

  28. So Stan, you admit that Harper is the devil.

  29. Ok peeps sorry have to ask, what did Harper do wrong?

  30. Just a saying Reg, besides Michael could smell it if Stephen were the devil. And smee, he did nothing wrong. His only problem with people on here is that he is Conservative.

  31. I agree 100% Stan.

    Thus the reason nobody can answer the question. It would appear many are easily influenced by the media

  32. Incidentally, just to clear the air, I do stand up for what I believe is right and that includes Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW THE TRUTH, I happen to be a card-carrying Green Party supporter and my man is Jamie Gilcig.

  33. Good for Harper, if they have problem at home then we could give them a shovel send them back and they could build a home for themselves.

    Money only propagates anarchy.

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