Fire Department Statistical Report for Cornwall Ontario – July 16, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Cornwall Fire Services’ mission is to provide protection to life and property to local citizens through the coordination of education, prevention, training, rescue, emergency medical first response and suppression.

To keep the public informed on Fire Service activities Deputy Chief Richard McCullough has put together statistics from the past 6 months. The following statistics are dated from January 1, 2010 to June 30, 2010.

Fire Prevention

Code Violations
Every home in Ontario is required to have a working smoke alarm on every storey, and outside all sleeping areas.  Violations were as follows:
Three $235.00 tickets were issued for smoke alarms that were not in compliance with fire code.
Five charges were laid for failure to install a smoke alarm and failure to maintain a smoke alarm.

344 inspections were performed in the past 6 months, 100 of which related to Business Licenses, 31 were for open-air burn permits and 21 involved complaints.

Public Education
Under the Fire Protection & Prevention Act every municipal Fire Service establishes a fire safety and prevention program must include public education.  The City of Cornwall Fire Services performed over 67 hours of public education including fire drills for schools, senior residences and adult learning facilities, participated in the Arson Protection Program for Children (TAPP-C), the Race Against Drugs (R.A.D.D.) program and the Home Alone School program as well as set up a booth at the Spring Home & Leisure Show.

Fire Investigations

There were 11 structure fires which were investigated.
There were fifteen 15 other fire investigations

Orders Issued
There was 1 Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Order issued
There were 2 Office of the Fire Marshall (OFM) Orders issued

Fire Suppression

The Cornwall Fire Services responded to a total of 658 incidents. The following is a partial breakdown of response types, reported injuries/fatalities and building financial losses:

50         Fires – Structural, vehicle, grass fires, equipment and other fires
34          Vehicle accidents. Four of which required the use of the Jaws of Life
35         Medical first response

150         False alarm
1        Firefighter injuries – Minor
1        Civilian injuries
1        Civilian fatality and;

The estimated loss in building value due to the above incidents is $1,039,609.


Training is an important factor to Fire Services in order to keep firefighters and city residents safe during fire incidents.  4,215 hours were spent on training.

Fire Extinguisher Training

There were 3 extinguisher training sessions with employers involving 80 employees.

Ontario Fire College
Twenty firefighters attended the Ontario Fire College for regular training, specialized training and for promotional requirements.

Specialized Training

All firefighters received training in elevator evacuation and water and ice rescue techniques.  There were 6 training sessions involving the High Angle and Confined Space rescue teams.

Hazardous Material
The Hazardous Materials Team consisting of 4 personnel were involved with the security for the G-8 Summit which was held in Huntsville, Ontario.

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