LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Earle Macpherson Not Happy with Media Term TAR SANDS – Cornwall Ontario – July 16, 2010

Cornwall ON – I wish the anti Oil sands bloggers and most of the media,radio,t.v. and newspapers would please get it right.I am sick of hearing the term tar sands by people who should know better.

“The hydrocarbon mixtures found in northern Alberta have historically been referred to as tar, pitch or asphalt. However, ‘oil sands’ is now used most often to describe the naturally occurring bitumen deposits. This helps distinguish it from the other terms, which are associated with distilled or man-made products, such as the mixtures used to pave roads.

“Oil sands is an accurate term because bitumen, a heavy petroleum product, is mixed with the sand. It makes sense to describe the resource as oil sands because oil is what is finally derived from the bitumen.”

Earle Macpherson  – Cornwall,On

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Joe GunnBugaboos

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