Scott Armstrong GM of Corus radio stations in Cornwall Ontario Dumped – BREAKING NEWS – July 16, 2010 UPDATED

Cornwall ON – Various reports have come in that Scott Armstrong has been relieved of his position with Corus here in Cornwall Ontario.   We are waiting to confirm details and Mr. Armstrong has yet to return our missives to him.

Our lawyers will not allow us to release some of the reports received, and we always listen to our lawyers, although there was an incident of his handling of the insulting of a sponsor last weekend at Lift-Off.   In addition to his role with Corus Mr Armstrong is also president of the local Chamber of  Commerce.

It was also reported on Twitter that Mr. Armstrong was canned as GM.

GM of Variety 104 in Cornwall was let go. (working it)

UPDATE – We heard from a member of the Chamber of Commerce that if Mr. Armstrong is no longer employed by Corus that he’d have to resign as President as he’d have to apply for a new membership and then run for election.

UPDATE – The good news for Corus is they returned to profit in their 3rd quarter and posted a $31.4 million dollar profit.  Maybe some of their amazing on air talent here in Cornwall can get a raise?

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Remind me why anyone should care about this? Like c’mon, who really cares if Armstrong got fired…. Heck until today, I nearly forgot he even existed…. On to better news….anyone have any great ideas on how to get a university in Cornwall?

  2. Harper is cold as ice. He’s a lot like Nixon, a lot of getting back at enemies, revenge and punishment; he has no friends, and power/manipulation is his only lust. He doesn’t care about sex, love, friends – only power over others. He is full of hate. He has no joy in life other than seeing his enemies flail. Nixon was the exact same. Both have and had contempt for virtually any free thinker. We absolutely must get rid of the Harper Conservative government in Canada.

  3. A University is a great idea for the area. I think a little industry would be in order first.
    We need something to support the school. However a huge trades school would be a major asset as well. Most tradesman are getting up there and there is not enough people to replace the..
    It appears now we have enough trouble just trying to fill a college, unless you want to be a social worker, government employee something where you are represented by a union a opposed to your own credibility. The best course we have is the nursing program and that belongs to Ottawa.

    I can assure all that growth is stifled by higher local powers. When people use the city as a reason not to be competitve with other cities and supress rates and generally treat people like crap, why else would Canadian BioPellet be built in Ingleside, Or Wal Mart be refused a deal on new lands the city now wants to develop. Of which residents will pay taxes for opposed to Wal Mart and Supercenters helping to pay for the infrastructure costs.

    With that I highly doubt a university would be there any time soon. A university would bring in new people better able to do the job then our current civil leaders.

    Now more so as retirement approaches

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