UFO sighting outside Cafe Connectionz during Rock for Charity 5 Concert in Cornwall Ontario – July 18, 2010

Cornwall ON – Friday night the sky above Cornwall Ontario was filled with an unidentified light while Cafe Connectionz was filled with the sound of music as Rock for Charity 5 was in high gear!

Second Label played along with Bands and musicians Melanie and The General Electryk, Tracy Lalonde and Matthew Bell, Geneviève Lacroix, Kerry Helmer (playing a djembe),  Tommy Heatley, and host Jason Setnyk performing as well.

Video of Tracy Lalonde with her Ukulele


Over $200 was raised for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cornwall.  Jason Setnyk, founder of Rock for Charity has now raised over $1000.00 for local charity and Rock for 6 is coming up soon!

Mel and Angus of The General Electryk are doing their Beatles in Hamburg summer as they are playing everywhere almost every day!


Friday the 13th of August (Boo!) is set for Rock for Charity 6 at Cafe Connectionz!


  1. Is it just coincidence that the next story you posted is about Marijuana? I believed that I saw a UFO one night a long time ago…but then it was the 70’s and I participated quite actively in the culture of the times.

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