Helena Guergis cleared by RCMP – Still on outs with PM – Cornwall Ontario – July 22, 2010

Cornwall ON – Former Conservative Minister Helena Guergis has been cleared of charges by the RCMP today.


Last April, Harper fired Guergis as minister of state for status of women, kicked her out of caucus, and provided the RCMP and Parliament’s ethics commissioner with information about the activities that prompted him to take such drastic action.

Within days, Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson found no reason to open a file on Guergis and now the RCMP are closing the books on Harper’s complaint.

Hmmm…can you say bus tread marks?   Ministers serve at the pleasure of the Prime Minister.  You don’t need investigations to remove them, but what about removal from Caucus and preventing someone from running for office under a party’s banner?

So if Ms Guergis is not guilty of any wrong doing why the harsh treatment from our Prime Minister?  Why go to such bad lengths to just get rid of someone that displeased Mr. Harper?

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Isn’t it obvious? Helena Guergis and her husband severely embarrassed the Harper Regime. Even if the Ethics Commissioner and RCMP found no foundations in Harper’s allegations, that doesn’t mean that Harper and the PMO don’t have something on her to use to blackmail her into silence. After all, even by Reform Party standards, she does seem to have been a complete twit, and conduct like her husband’s is one of the excuses the Reform Party had for its founding, after the Mulroney government.

  2. Agreed—however, never underestimate a woman scorned. If she gets the bit between her teeth, Harper & the PMO may get more heat than they expect or want.

  3. Yes, PJR, I agree absolutely. However, I would imagine enough time has passed that she would now act with cold logic rather than hot anger. Her biggest problem is her husband. How much about him do we still not know? Could he conceivably face prison time if Harper spoke out? Who’s to say?

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