Six Items or Less, Kris Rothley takes the challenge By Jason Setnyk – Cornwall Ontario – July 26, 2010

Cornwall ON – When Kris Rothley looks in her closet, often she can’t decide what to wear. Rothley, who is married and a mother of three, is also the Dean at the Ontario Hockey Academy. With a very busy lifestyle, she welcomes the Six Items or Less challenge to simplify her life.

Rothley read about Six Items or Less on the Internet. She was intrigued and wanted to try it herself. The challenge for participants is to wear only six articles of clothing for an entire month.

“I’m hoping to waste less time staring into a packed closet, and I look forward to the money I will save by not buying clothes for a month”.

Rothley is well acquainted with challenges. From running a marathon to university studies, she has challenged herself both athletically and academically, and has had success in her endeavours. She has degrees from M.I.T, Cornell University, and a Ph. D from Yale.

One obstacle for Six Items or Less is choosing just six items of clothing out of all the choices in the closet. Another part of the challenge is wearing different combinations of those six items and diversifying them with accessories. The six items does not include accessories, undergarments, work uniforms, work out clothing, jackets, shoes, or swimwear.

“I want to make space in my closet and do something positive by donating some of the clothes that do not make the six item cut-off to the Agape”.

The Six Items or Less website does not adhere to a philosophy or ideology. It is simply a challenge for people to try. But regardless of the indent,  the experiment has deeper implications.

All clothing produced and purchased has an ecological footprint. From extracting resources, to manufacturing, transportation, and washing clothes, all these things have an impact on the environment.

Many people have an abundance of stuff they don’t really need or use, so an experiment like Six Items or Less is an opportunity to reflect upon this.

Rothley is going to blog about her experiences and take photos and post them as well.

To read the latest blog by Kris Rothley and her Six Items or Less challenge click here:

Or if you’re up to the challenge, visit the Six Items or Less Website here:

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