Alas poor Frisky – we knew him Well…Coronation Street Cat’s Ashes Auctioned Off for $1200! – Cornwall Ontario – July 26, 2010

Cornwall ON – If you’ve ever watched Coronation Street here in Canada you’ve seen the cat in the opening credits.   His name was Frisky and sadly like all good things in life Frisky went on to that great mouse house in the sky.   However a collector bid on his ashes and paid a whopping $1200 for his remains.


The tabby beat 5,000 other cats to get the part in 1990 and was featured in more than 1,000 episodes of the show before he died 10 years ago at the age of 14.

Frisky was a favourite with viewers and made numerous public appearances to raise thousands of dollars for charity.

I officially don’t feel so bad owning that tiny jar of Dilithium Crystals from Star Trek and the Estate of James “Scotty” Doohan now!

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