Harper Government to Chop Veterans Affairs? Cornwall Ontario – July 26, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Harper government is now going after Veterans.  Not happy just picking on Census takers they seem bent on depriving veterans of care and support when they truly need it most.


With minimum public attention, there seems a plan afoot to curb, cut or even eliminate Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), which has been sort of a comfort blanket — even umbilical cord — for many Second World War and Korean veterans in old age.

Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn has confirmed that downsizing is being discussed, but just how is unclear.

That’s what really bugs me about some politicians.  You say one thing, and then your actions don’t support that.  You can’t hug the flag and yack about supporting the troops and then cut the rug under then when they need our support the most!

Wonder how many new Fighter’s it would take to put the funding in to take care of those that have given so much to our country?

Veteran’s Affairs are something that will always be needed.   It’s time we Canadians stood up for our needs and rights.  I mean where does it end?  Medicare?  Culture?  Now our Veterans?

CLICK HERE to visit the website and contact Minister Blackburn.

What do you think Canada?  Are you one of the relatives of one of the 150,000 + vets that still need our support?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Harper’s hypocrisy would be breathtaking except that it’s so ingrained that Canadians are used to it. And that’s scary.

  2. VAC is a bureaucratic monster that stopped looking after vets and started looking after the PS who work there…a very long time ago! It is time to re-vamp and get it back to doing what it IS SUPPOSED to do! So Mr. Harper…you have my support to get those damn PS leeches out of there and get it back to its mandate!

  3. Well said Ottawa soldier
    It is nice to see a person in the system telling people how it is really being abused. Good luck Sir

  4. As concerns the Veterans Affairs department, Yes Mr.Harper, it’s time you got off your butt and started some ass-kicking in the PS sector. Those men and women in our armed forces have risked their lives for the rest of Canadians who chose not to, whether by choice or not. They are deserving of everything they are entitled to, not to be denied by some PS who is only looking out for themselves and their czars. As the slogan says: SUPPORT OR TROOPS!

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