Seaway Referral Network Hosts 5 Mile Meal with guest Speaker Tom Manley of Homestead Organics – July 28, 2010

Iroquois ON – The Iroquois Golf Course was smelling mighty fine as Organic Lamb and Porc cooked.   It was a Five Mile meal served with local Vegetables, Fruits, and meet provided by Waratah Downs Organic Farm, 11211 Rowen Rd, Iroquois, Ontario.   Some amazing organic cheese from New Care Eco Farms Peter and Maria Biemond rounded out an amazing meal.

The head speaker was Mr. Tom Manley of Homestead Organics who discussed the ready availability of local food, the choice and selection available, and the benefits not only in quality, but in having an organic economical impact by having local food producers supporting local communities.

The evening was co-ordinated by The Seaway Referral Network.  For more information you can contact PJ Robertson by clicking their link.

MPP Jim Brownell was in attendance, and we’ll be adding video shortly.

To find out more about local foods check out SD&G Farm Fresh! And when you’re in Cornwall check out the super amazing local foods at The Farmers’ Market in George Assaly Lane every Saturday morning or your nearest Farmers’ Market and remember to make sure the food you’re buying is local!

Jim Brownell at event.


Tom Manley excerpts from Key Note Speech.



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