Oakland California Passes Vote to Allow Pot Factories for Medical Marijuana Use – Cornwall Ontario – July 29, 2010

Cornwall ON – In what many are considering a progressive move into the future the City of Oakland California has licensed four commercial Marijuana factories.


The cash-strapped city stands to benefit later if voters pass a November initiative to legalize recreational use of marijuana. In addition, Oakland’s four marijuana factories would pay an annual fee of $211,000, which would support a city staff to ensure they are operated safely and securely.

“This is about big money,” Gieringer told ABCNews.com. “These are, by far, the largest facilities ever proposed in the United States. With only four competitors, it’s going to be an oligopoly.”

That’s right.  It’s now a ferocious market pitting small growers against Walmart type factories.   The one in the linked news story even has a doctor’s office as you need to have a prescription to use “medical marijuana”.

How long will it take for BC to follow suit?  It puts the Marc Emery extradition in a new light now doesn’t it as California gets the jump on the lucrative industry.

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  1. Well of course if you legalize pot it will be produced on a grand scale. Why would it be different than any other agriculture product? Turning us into a drug culture isn’t the answer.

  2. Author

    Glassbowl we’re already a “drug culture” Nicotine, Caffeine, Alcohol, Fructose/Glucose, amongst others.

  3. And most of that stuff does us harm. Why are you constantly pushing drugs instead of healthy living? How many stories have you done in the last 2 months promoting health? How many stories have you done promoting drugs?

  4. How can someone with the user name “glassbowl” be so against marijuana legalization 😉

  5. It obvious glassbowl has not been a victim of deadly side effects from prescription drugs or he would see what a great thing this is.

  6. Never mind the fear mongers and their unfounded fears. Regulate it, tax it, and decrease the size of the unoinized police force who cost way too much and who cannot claim responsibility for the spontaneous order that moves us forward socially and which keeps most of us in line.

  7. Hey I understand the whole ‘tax the stupid people’ argument. I just think we would be better off if we didn’t have stupid people.

  8. Cannabis has controlled my asthma since I commenced daily enjoyment in 1968. These days it also provides me with a 25% reduction of intraocular pressure as a glaucoma patient. I agree we would be better of with fewer stupid people. Many would benefit from a switch to Cannabis from whatever their current choice of stupificant!

    -Richard Steeb, San Jose California

  9. Whatever the poison, It will still kill you in the end.

  10. i whish that flint mi would follow suit!enough is enough.decriminalize the god givin herb!major drug companies ars scared 2 death that there chemicals wont continue 2 sell!

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