Why not have buskers every Saturday in Cornwall Ontario? Have your say! July 30, 2010

Cornwall ON – So it’s been a week since Buskerville hit town.   By all means it was a wonderful success and kudos to Carilyne and Chad.    I was sitting on the patio at Schnitzels, having a bevvy with one of the buskers who also happens to be a City Councilor; Mark MacDonald and we were chatting about Buskerville and Busking in general and the threads of conversation all led back to a simple thought.

Why not having Buskers in Cornwall every Saturday?   Why not have Buskers in front of businesses that wanted them up and down Pitt Street, or Montreal Road?

We looked at the pros and cons.  We looked at what some other cities were doing and how on a Thursday night the only real sounds of  life on Pitt was the live music being played on the full patio.

“The city needs to help support and create energy, and I need more locations to play my Concertina..” waxed Mr. MacDonald.

What do you think Cornwall?   Would you like to have artists of all types Busking in Cornwall?   You can post your comments below.

Btw, the photo is courtesy of Jason McNamara of Framed Photography!

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  1. I like buskers…it livens up the downtown. Why just on Saturday’s? Let them busk whenever they want.

  2. I think we should have buskers all summer long. Not only on the streets, but by the waterfront as well. We could have artists, musicians, acrobats, mimes, actors, etc. It could turn into quite a tourist attraction. There could also be vendors in kisoks selling their wares. Take a look at Halifax: they have buskers every year at the harbour, and it has become a huge tourist attraction.
    We need to utilize our beautiful waterfront more.

  3. Buskers and street vendors! food and crafts to a busker melody… WOW, you guys want to head to Cornwall for the day? WOOHOO!

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