More Americans Drinking – Anyone want to be a Marijuana Critic? Cornwall Ontario – August 1, 2010

Cornwall ON – Anyone want to be a Marijuana Critic?   As pot becomes legalized whole new jobs are opening up.  Click the link to see some video of an actual Pot Critic who gets paid to smoke various Medical Marijuana and then write about it to help consumers make informed choices.


With the North American Marijuana industry estimated to be worth more than $25 Billion dollars a year there will be many new business opportunities as legalization creeps across the US and Canada.

This comes as it looks like more Americans are drinking alcohol according to this media report.


A majority of Americans in most demographic subgroups of the population drink, though in some groups drinking is more prevalent than in others. One of the most significant predictors of alcohol consumption is church attendance. Those who seldom or never attend church are substantially more likely than more frequent church attenders to say they drink; and those who have no religious identity, Catholics, and non-Christians are more likely to drink than Protestants.

See what happens when you take census; especially the long form?

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  1. “Those who seldom or never attend church are substantially more likely than more frequent church attenders to say they drink; and those who have no religious identity, Catholics, and non-Christians are more likely to drink than Protestants.”

    All that means is that the Protestants are bigger hypocrites.

  2. There is no bigger hypocrite than a marijuana smoker.

  3. Author

    Ok, I’ll bite. Why is that?

  4. Will they let their adolescent smoking children also smoke marijuana?

  5. “Will they let their adolescent smoking children also smoke marijuana?”

    Why are they letting their children smoke cigarettes, if that is what you mean by smoking children? I am assuming that you aren’t setting them on fire which is probably less harmful than smoking tobacco.

  6. Marijuana critic. I’ll tell you this. For an area filled with farmers I’ve never seen such low quality pot. Better seeds would mean higher yields and greater quality as would consistent clean habits. The marijuana of SD&G County is not worth exporting. Is that critical enough for you?

  7. Drugs are drugs are drugs… matter how you slice it!

  8. I remember signing a petition in high school to legalize pot, we just for got where we put it

  9. Since “drugs are drugs are drugs” and so many drugs are readily available over the counter, I’m assuming you are in favour of legalization?

  10. Author

    Rodney right now one of the biggest “drug” concerns is OcyContin. We’re preparing a two part series on the impact of this drug and questioning why it’s being allowed to be described to the degree it is.

    Some of the rhetoric whenever Marijuana is brought up is just not productive or relative to the overall reality. It was similar to the 30s as they argued over Alcohol. The arguments are the same just like the reality. Prohibition just doesn’t work and ends up costing society more in the end.

  11. I wonder how much spousal abuse occurred during prohibition, how many drunk drivers killed or how many people needed addiction counseling..

    Yea I can see where it maybe better to open the doors for all kinds of substance abuse.

    hey then we can close more hospitals too cuz we need money to hire an entity to watch how the stuff is grown and ensure it is not sold to minors…

  12. Smee: does this mean you think prohibition worked? That is hilarious. Admin is right. The level of useful conversation surrounding the drug debate is quite naive and pointless. Boring even. I kind of regret posting here at all. Sort of like arguing with children.

  13. Author

    Rodney we allow a lot of things on this site for the purpose of defending free speech even if it’s lame. 🙂 We do get some gems from some of our posters and I personally am very proud of the level of many of our posts and posters.

  14. Rodney doesn’t like it when the pastor and his “friends” have at it either.
    What’s he doing here?

  15. Furtz: Trolling for signs of intelligence….Nothing here Captain…Onwards and upwards….(for some)

  16. The “Pastor” has “Friends?”

  17. Not sure, Watcher, but he does get replies to his posts. Rodney, there have to be other sites where you wont have to read the comments of children.

  18. I suppose you’re right Furtzy, I suppose you’re right. If a million monkeys type a million pages, at least some of it must represent some form of inteligience. The search continues…next stop…Hannah Montana’s Twitter account…Blather on.

  19. I never said prohibition worked on the same level you are walking in. but it did minimize the problem of abuse and alcohol related problems. In the 30’s people had a little more respect and for the law fewer rights to make excuses.

    All the glorification was a media ploy. Ah the media works pretty good don’t it

  20. chuckles at the free speech statement by admin then just laughs aloud

  21. Smee, judging by your comment about free speech on this site, and many of your other comments, and going by the general style and lack of knowledge in those comments, I’ve worked out who you really are:

    You must be Guy (no comment) Lauzon.

  22. Ya Smee the whole free speech thing by the admin is pretty funny.

  23. August 4th, 3:16 PM Smee said: “I wonder how much spousal abuse occured during prohibition….” and then at 9:30 “It did minimize the the problem of abuse and alcohol related problems…” please cite the reference you discovered yesterday that allowed you this insight.

    Here’s a link to a study which states the exact opposite of your theory, please enjoy:

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