Cornwall City Councilor Mark MacDonald sits in for Denis Sabourin on Our Political Round Table – Tuesday August 3 at 9AM on – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Busker, Councilor and tomorrow morning Pundit on .    Cornwall City Councilor Mark MacDonald sits in for Denis Sabourin tomorrow  as Denis is getting a well deserved summer break from his many duties.

Mark will tangle with Joe Gunn and myself.  The show starts LIVE at 9AM and you can always listen to the podcast or for free via iTunes.  Just search for and you’ll see all of our segments!

Keith Beardsley joins us at 9:45 for his view from the Hill.   And we’re hoping for a very special guest tomorrow if their schedule allows…..

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  1. Joe Gunn and Jamie, do you think this round table will be unbiased in any way. A former political man and a future hopeful.

  2. Author

    smee the table is usually Joe Gunn and Denis Sabourin. I’m simply the host and occasional victim 🙂

  3. Good luck Jamie!

  4. Got the last half hour of your show with Mark and Joe Gunn…thought it was very interesting, and thought provoking. Jamie why did Ignatieff ignore you when he came to Cornwall. Whats that about?

  5. Author

    Hi Tammy. I have no idea why Mr Ignatieff and his team snubbed the Cornwall Free News. I guess he went to the Guy Lauzon school of media relations 🙂

  6. Now, now, this has nothing to do with Guy Lauzon. Call a spade a spade. There is no sense to politicians ignoring your kind of media, I don’t care what color politics you are. I call it narrow-mindedness and arrogance.

  7. Author

    Well I agree with you Tammy. We have over 20,000 viewers per month and they are from all political and non political stripes.

  8. I mean at least lets admit one thing….. when we have people the calibre of Jamie Gilcig, Joe Gunn and Mark MacDonald talking to us, do we really want to talk to Guy Lauzon or Michael Ignatieff, I think not!

  9. Stan
    Have any of the names you mentioned ever done anything? Personally I think politically they are all in the same boat.

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