Movies at Lamoureux Park for Next Summer? Organizers want to know… Cornwall Ontario – August 7, 2010

Cornwall ON – I was asked to run this poll as a small group is coming together that wants to run movies in Lamoureux Park next summer to raise money for charity and give people a good time.

I kinda like the idea; especially if the right movies were used.   I’m not sure about the legalities and details, but hey, I’m not the organizer and that’s their problem for now, but I did agree to run a poll for them, so people of Cornwall and the Seaway region please vote and let them know what you think!

Would you support the idea of staging free, outdoor, summertime movie nights at the bandshell in Lamoureux Park, with donations accepted for a local charity?

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In the meanwhile you can always go to The Port and catch the best popcorn in Cornwall!



  1. Why don,t you ask the owners at galaxie or the port .Will they have to give free shows too just to compete.(Theres that word charity again]Hope the city votes this one down.

  2. I love the idea!! And would love to get involved! 🙂

  3. Screen, Projector, PA system, Operator & Crew = $$$$ (lots of it). Unless there are some very generous companies willing to lend this equipment for free (which i doubt, because they could be renting it to someone else and making money), i don’t see this happening for free.

    I am really liking all of the initiatives people are taking in Cornwall to raise money for charity, but people are pitching all kinds of ideas and get excited before really taking care of all the little details.

    If the bandshell had a screen and a permanent PA system, than it would probably be easier. The last I knew, the bandshell didn’t have any of those items.

  4. I guess I should start by asking if people will have to pay to watch these movies, because if so, then tickets have to be printed, fencing must go up and most likely security guards will have to be hired to make sure people follow the rules of admission. It could get costly and the price of a ticket might even be more expensive than galaxy. (I didn’t think I would ever get to say that) lol

  5. Author

    Hi Vin,

    I’m hoping that the organizer will post to this thread. From my understanding there are a couple service companies that provide mobile equipment, and the movies would be themed for the evening or occasion, but it might be cool to see say…The Rocky Horror Picture on a warm summer night in Lamoureux Park.

    There would be some corporate and media sponsorship to foot the cost which wouldn’t be terribly much and then the public would be asked to donate to the charity.

    It’s not that difficult, but again, my understanding is that the team simply want to gauge public interest.

  6. KUDOS to the organisers for thinking out of the box. I would welcome this initiative has it has positive ways to bring the City to our wonderful park areas. As well with the Marina close by , I believe that this could be an excellent attaction for tourists in the region. This is done in the large Cities in Canada and the US. As long as the enviroment surrounding this activity can provide a safe and secure means of enjoyment for everyone who will participate ( we all respect eachother) then I am sure that this would be a very welcomed idea for all as it is romantic and that it will take of the few “young at heart” back down memory lane. Congradulations for this idea. Out of box thinking can only bring some great and positive advancements for this community and the residents!

  7. Yes kevin rivette, out of the box thinking is always a great thing.But when you compete with local buissnesses,under the charity clause i think then it isn,t that great of an idea.To me there is a fine line between charity and making a good living.You might not agree but many people make a great living working for charities.

  8. Cornwall is indeed a strange city. In other cities the NIMBY crowd usually react to the placement of toxic dumps and half-way houses in their neighborhood. Here they protest cultural and tourist attractions in their city.

  9. Posted by Admin on Aug. 7: “I’m hoping that the organizer will post to this thread.”

    You asked and you have received. Here I am.

    Firstly, I cannot stress enough that this is merely and IDEA. No planning committee has been formed, no money has been solicited or raised, and no one has been approached for logistical assistance. Secondly, in no way, shape or form is this initiative intended to compete with Cornwall’s brick and mortar cinemas. It would only happen between one to four nights over the course of the Summer of 2011. Cinematic classics with wide popular appeal would be shown, (“Casablanca” or “Grease”, for example) not first run features. And most importantly, a locally run charity whose work directly impacts on the citizens of Cornwall and SD&SG would be the sole beneficiary of all donations collected. If the Cornwall Public Library’s movie programs pose no threat to the financial well being of either the Port Theatre or Galaxy Cinemas, surely this wouldn’t either.

    Furthermore, other local organizations such as the Seaway Valley Theatre Company and Pride Cornwall have successfully staged free, open air events at the bandshell that accept “pay what you can” donations. They have been generously sponsored by local businesses and have attracted enthusiastic audiences. And, as was stated in Kevin Rivette’s post, many other cities all over North America stage “Cinema Under the Stars” events which are eagerly embraced by their citizens and do much to enrich their quality of life. Why should we not do such a thing here? We’re blessed with an incredible setting for it – a twenty-three acre waterfront park which consistently earns kudos and raves from visitors to our city. We would be stunningly remiss not to use it to its fullest extent.

    As to Admin’s reference to service companies which rent mobile equipment, one such company is Fresh Air Cinema. Take a look at to see photos of some of the outdoor movie events they’ve staged.

    The Cornwall Free News has very kindly posted this poll for the sole purpose of gauging public opinion on the subject. (Many thanks, Admin.) Only if there is sufficient support for this initiative will any moves forward be made. If the people of Cornwall do not want this, their wishes will be respected and it will not happen. That’s a promise.

  10. Thankyou for your comments PJA .I just think its totally unfair to our local buisness owners (brick and motar cinemas) You use the seaway valley theatre company and pride cornwall for examples.Yes they did successfully stage free events,but in no way did it compete with local buisnesses.Why not put on something that doesn,t compete with local buissnesses.Yes our water front is missing something to attract our people and vistors.ADMIN why not ask the people of Cornwall for ideas of what would work in our waterfront that wouldn,t compete with local buisnesses.I ask anyone out there 1 question.If you were a buisness person in this city, would you want someone competeing against your buisness like whats being proposed here?I find this proposal very wrong with using the charity clause to push this idea foreword.I don,t really no why i even care, just no its wrong.Yes think out side the box as long as it doesn,t compete with local buisness.

  11. Based on PJA’s post, in principal it sounds like a great idea, and with the right organization and promotion, it could be successful. From a charity fundraiser stand point, would it be pass the hat? Fencing the park off like they do at Lift-Off probably wouldn’t be feasible.

    From my previous experiences, co-hosting free Rock the Vote concerts at Lamoureux Park, we found sponsors to pay for the insurance, and had a fundraiser earlier in the year to pay for the PA system and sound technician.

    Events like Arts in the Park, Pride Festival, Live Theatre, Labour Day, and Parade of Nations, etc… bring people to our waterfront. If non profit events and festivals were more affordable to host, we could have even more going on in the park during the summer. Lift-off and Canada Day have large budgets and sponsorship, and draw large numbers, but smaller events well promoted throughout the summer, can get people to keep coming back to the park.

    More events have the potential to bring in more tourism money and showcase local culture. If events occurred more frequently in the park, that could draw a lot more tourism to our waterfront, and attract more permanent businesses like food vendors during the summer months. The splash pad was a great idea, and I like the idea of having a couple of movie nights each summer in the park.

    One way the city of Cornwall could encourage more events to take place is to make them more affordable to host. If the City purchased a PA system and projector, and provided insurance to cultural events, this would be a very progressive way to promote our waterfront and draw tourism. We have a nice band shell, now we need the equipment readily available to host successful and affordable events. Event co-ordinators could approach the city to host these events, and rent/borrow audio/visual equipment, and this would make non profit events much more affordable to host.

  12. When I lived in Montreal, I was fortunate to live in close proximity to a large running track, outdoor pool, baseball field and park. Every other Sunday evening in the summer they would play family movies for the general public in the park. It was absolutely free. They did not have a fixed screen it was brought in each Sunday for the movies. Sometimes they even had symphony orchestras play. People brought their own lawn chairs to enjoy these events. There was a Cineplex in close proximity to this park…they never complained. Also I doubt that the people who paid big bucks for their box seats at the symphony complained that concerts were occasionally provided for free to the general population. Events like this are a wonderful social opportunity and a great occasion to partake in an artistic event that may be beyond someone’s budgetary means at the time. Montreal and the French people left me with the impression that they place an immense value on family, culture and the arts. They spent and continue to spend money to support these values.

  13. Author

    marc that’s exactly what we’re doing here. Someone from the community has an idea and is asking the public.

  14. It’s a great idea. Many other cities do the same and it is a great turn out. Great community effort! Good luck

    It beats the unnecessary costs for the big show as we have at galaxy cinemas. By big show I mean all the huh bub and people dipping ithe actual cost of making a movie and commercialism

  15. Admin.Yes your right just an idea.Seems so far my logic is bad logic.I,ll wait and see what council has to say if this idea goes ahead.Goodluck with this proposal PGA

  16. Excellent idea PGA!!!! I have young children and can’t really get to the movies very often ( at all really!) but at an event like this I could bring them and leave without much fuss or expense if they weren’t cooperating. Plus there aren’t many opportunities to see classic/family films on the big screen in Cornwall- so no conflict of interest with local theatres. I’ve been to some theatre under the stars screenings in Toronto and loved it! Cornwall could use more events like this- I support the idea and hope it really happens!!!!

  17. As much as I love the idea, I can’t stand going to lamoureux park, because of Canada geese droppings. It’s wayyy out of control again.
    Amagine sitting on the grass to watch a movie surrounded by feathers, and droppings

  18. I have already looked into this idea as part of my promotions company, not feasable.

    Christie Projector $50,000, Sullivan Screen $20,000, PA System $10,000,
    plus legal fees for showing movies in public. (copyrights).

  19. Author

    Marc you can digitally project for an awful lot less. You don’t need to purchase the above. You can actually rent them if you really wanted to go that way and the studios are not that brutal for the cost of the movie either. $150- $750 depending on the title and time.

  20. They have movie night outside every friday night at a campsite near Cornwall, if they can do it there shouldn’t cost that much. we can have old movies also.

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