Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger Welcomes Northeast Shrine Association Fall Field Days – September 19-23

Cornwall ON – Approximately 1,000 delegates from all over Eastern Canada and the North East USA are expected to converge on Cornwall for 4 days in September 2013. The Northeast Shrine Association recently announced that they have chosen Cornwall as the host community for the 2013 Northeast Shrine Association Fall Field Days, to be held September 19th to 22nd, 2013.

The convention encompasses a multitude of events – a parade, dinners, a Golf Tournament, a large banquet and several different competitive events such as  Clown,  Band and Motorcorps competitions,  just to name a few.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to host the Shrine convention here in Cornwall” commented Mayor Bob Kilger.  “The Karnak Shriners have been a part of our community for many years, participating in parades and other events.  It will be our pleasure to welcome them as they gather to conduct their business, and celebrate their organization.  Bienvenue à tous et bon congrès.”

The Karnak Shriners have twice held Spring Ceremonials here, in 1987 and 1995.  This is the first time that a Shrine Convention of this magnitude has been held in our community.

Stephen Roberts, the Director General for NSA 2013 explained that the choosing of a location for the NSA field days is decided by the host Temple; in this case it is Karnak. The 15 Temples in the Northeast Shrine Association each have their turn to host these field days. The decision is made by the Shriner who should be Potentate for 2013, Richard Brousseau, and the Director General for the event.

“The S.D. & G. Cornwall Shrine Club is one of the largest Shrine Clubs in Karnak’s territory. They have donated more money than any other Shrine Club to our Shriners Hospital.

Shriners from this Club have been very active members on the Shrine Hospital Board.”  Mr. Roberts went on the say that “as a city, Cornwall has all the facilities to host such a large convention. The City, the Tourism office and the Shriners are all working together so that NSA 2013 will be a memorable event for all. “

The Shrine is a great Fraternal Order, with an even greater charitable program which has earned the title of “The World’s Greatest Philanthropy”.  The Shrine organization, started as a fun order in 1872 and found its soul in 1921, on its way to bigger and better things. The organization has proven that it has the power to survive and the spirit to flourish and grow.

Pictured are Shriner Andre Cayer, 17 year old Max Champagne and Mayor Bob Kilger outside Cornwall City Hall just after discussing the 2013 Convention and the work the Shriners carry out.   Max suffers from a very progressive form of spinal scoliosis.  His condition has now been corrected with a successful surgery involving rods and 25 screws being inserted into his spine.  The Shrine Club assisted the Champagne family in obtaining Max’s treatment.

Shiners Hospitals are well known in North America for the phenomenal work they do. There are currently 22 Shrine Hospitals throughout North America, specializing in orthopeodic and burn treatment.  The Canadian Hospital is located in Montreal, there is also one in Mexico and 20 throughout the USA.

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