NDP BBQ party in the park – Sunday August 8th – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The NDP may not have the most supporters in Cornwall, but they sure know how to have the most fun!   Sunday was their BBQ in Lamoureux Park.  No political speeches.  No fund raising.  Just some good food, fun, and their ever present Twist dancing!

Entertainment was from DJ Paul Aubin, Poet Jason Setnyk read a few of his pieces, and local Songster Keegan Larose sang for his supper…or lunch at least.

There were games and kite flying for the kids too.

Carilyne, Lori, Susan, and Darlene were mugging for the Camera!

Carilyne Hebert comments on being a youth delegate and excerpts.


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  1. Good luck Darlene!
    As I said before there seems to be more depth in your eyes then the glazed over look in Lauzon, Brownell, Kilger, Fitzpatrick, Rivette..oh hec better stop before I oush Jamie’s buttons

  2. smee, you are a smart man. I agree with you 100%.
    Darlene isn’t a politician, she actually gives a dam about this city.

  3. Willie
    I just need to hear what she has to say, a debate between candidates would be nice. *l* eyes have gotten me into trouble before. If it is a mudsllinger then Darlene shows no more intelligence then Laozon or Clement.

    Jamie is an interesting character as well. He looks like a real person and not some stuffed shirt politician….yet Jamie??*l*

    I watched the clip of Jamie’s interview by Cogeco on one of his other articles and I am not too sure if he is on the up and up on the bipartisan/partisan comments.

    There is one observation made in that interview. We have a family member of a former alderman now hosting a news event relating to local politics. In some form it shows how Cornwall is somewhat led by family if you will.
    I am not sure where Darlene or Jamie hails from but that is a huge reason I hope one of them would win.
    Let’s face it we need change from outside the community.

    (*L* don’t count this as a vote Jamie. The party though somewhat credible needs to come together more and less on personal issues and beliefs.) Remember what the boat scenario; The greens don’t even have the paddles in the water at the same time let alone the ability to row.

  4. smee, bite your tongue! I have a paddle and I can row!

  5. I bet you can Stan and your post defines the problem,.

    ” I have a paddle and I can row” Should read we have a paddle and we can row.

  6. Don’t you paddle with a paddle, and row with an oar?

  7. Nope the word row defines lining things in a row or a cue if you will, to paddle is to push against liquids

  8. Ok smee. I was thinking of the song Row, Row, Row Your Boat. I used to do a lot of rowing when I was a kid. Sitting backwards in a flat-bottom boat and pulling on two oars. Had no idea that I was really paddling. 🙂

  9. smee, since moving back to Cornwall, I have had an opportunity to meet and chat with Jamie quite frequently. He will do good things in this city.
    He is a good guy.

  10. yeah willie, jamie’s a good guy!

  11. Unfortunately, being a good guy, and a good politician are two different things…I must admit I have concerns over the ethics of a politician running a news/information blog site. It’s one of those lines that is tough to tread, and I will be watching closely.

  12. Smee: How about “row” as a verb, and not a noun? “To propel (a vessel) by the leverage of an oar or the like.” A smart guy like you should know that….

  13. Destructo
    Nope still incorrect as you had used in your description would be a disambiguation of the word. You actually paddle the boat not row. Row is a incorrect term.

    Rodney as Aesop stated
    We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to office

    I agree with your concern of the “ethics of a politician running a news/information blog site”

  14. Author

    smee I’m curious why you think it’s germane to Darlene and I? I think Bernadette and especially Guy can learn much from it too. I’ve read my Art of War, my Machiavelli and am lucky to have the astute political mind of Keith Beardsley to ask questions of.

  15. Very true Jamie, but as I have mentioned before I hold more faith in Darlene and yourself. If change is possible it will only come from a new approach from outside the local box.

    Bernadette is Kilger’s puppet and an unfortunate situation for someone with potential, not to mention siding with the longest running group of criminals in Canada.

    Guy well deaf as a post to his constituents don’t ya know and about as astute as said post..

    I am not sure who Beardsley is but if he is a long time politician he too is a engrained in the system which is a failure to Canadians. Remember as the twig bends so grows the tree.

    Machiavelli *lol* a political virus are as it is referred to “a person’s tendency to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain

  16. I think you will find, on long term examination, that Bernadette and Kilger dealt with things as they are. I have a great deal of faith in the contributions to come from this thirty something crowd of exciting local politicians. Everyone loves a good horse race.

  17. Very true seeing a thoroughbred run is exciting, with out the Jockey, in this case Kilger.

    I would like to have someone explain how and what Kilger ever dealt with and how. Personally not a bad guy I guess. He use to be my neighbour at one time.

    Never voted for him though it was the first time I voted blue ever. I have not been in the red since that time either. Last time I even voted Green *l* just for change.

    I was speaking with friends a few weekends back and one person was explaining how local liberalss thought it better to redirect a company from coming to Cornwall. The Kingston MP needed help and the company was sent to Kingston. I understand why but do not agree with how that kind of politics being played.

  18. I shall copy and paste directly from DIctionary.com:
    (transitive verb)
    To propel (a boat) with or as if with oars.
    To carry in or on a boat propelled by oars.
    To use (a specified number of oars or people deploying them).
    To propel or convey in a manner resembling rowing of a boat.
    To pull (an oar) as part of a racing crew.
    To race against by rowing

    I actually believe you are the one disambiguating the word…I am willing to accept several meanings, you seem stuck on one. Are you really arguing this one? Do you actually think you can’t row a boat? What a maroon.

  19. No Destructo, it is clearly you who are the maroon. Perhaps you are familiar with the old children’s song, referencing the lining up of boats in an orderly queue to facilitate some paddling, gently down the stream?

    Every one knows about paddle boats. Ever hear of a row boat? Not likely.

    How about the Olympics? I won a gold medal in rowing! Yeah right. Gold medal in dumbness. The sport is called paddling. I won a gold medal in paddling.

    Wise guy.

  20. who really cares if one row’s or paddles a boat? don’t we have bigger issues to discuss/debate?

  21. thanx Sarasmatron and well stated grimalot

  22. What could be more important than arguing over semantics?

  23. *l* Semantics ask Jamie he’s the politician now

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