Grand Chief Mike Mitchell and MCA respond to New Low Level Bridge Annoucement – Akwesasne – August 10, 2010



AKWESASNE MOHAWK TERRITORY– The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) was pleased to hear from Federal Bridge officials that they are planning on moving forward on constructing the new low-level bridge between Kawehnoke (Akwesasne) and Cornwall.  The MCA has been part of this project from the beginning and was involved in the initial planning stages that got this project started several years ago.

Grand Chief Michael K. Mitchell stated that,

“We are very happy that the bridge construction will commence.  We will do everything we can to insure that this project is successful.  We are aware that Akwesasne’s skilled construction workers and high steel workers will be required all the way through the construction and dismantling phases of this project.”

The Mohawk Council has consistently shown their support for this construction project, knowing the failing condition of the existing bridge and the need for a new low-level bridge to replace the aging structure.

Grand Chief Mitchell mentioned that there are a few internal issues to work out within our community regarding the community protests against the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and some other issues such as the toll booth, however, the Grand Chief regards those as issues that will be dealt with separately by the MCA. Further to that, the Grand Chief noted that MCA has been waiting for the announcement about the desired location of the Port of Entry which is anticipated at the end of August.  Until then, Mitchell says that MCA has kept good faith in deliberations on CBSA matters.

Regarding the bridge construction announcement, Grand Chief Mitchell said,

“The MCA and the Akwesasne community have been waiting for good news like this for quite awhile.  This construction project will provide hundreds of jobs for our skilled trades people and workforce and will be a boost to our economy. We look forward to its commencement.”

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  1. This is total caving in by the government…..

  2. I wonder, who is going to recieve all the emplolyment? I would have to assume it was part of Mike’s negotitations.

  3. “Akwesasne’s … workers will be needed”; “Hundreds of jobs” Really? The company hired to build this project will be required to hire hundreds of people from Akwesasne? Does Agent Mitchell believe that Akwesasne’s skilled workers will leave their unions to be hand picked for this job? Maybe Mitchell believes that their is a bridge building corporation that employs all of Akwesasne’s tradesman. … more evidence of Mitchell and his MCA’s buffoonery.
    Agent Mitchell mentioned, “there are a few internal issues to work out.” I guess we have a collapse of integrity all around.

  4. The key requirement may be skilled labour.
    Do we in the area have what it takes to provide the labour? or will most of the city be watching as big money leaves the city again?

  5. Who cares just build the bridge already… Dammit

  6. Jason as in Jason running for council? Who cares *l*

  7. Just built the damn, bridge, move the toll at the old customs building (past island road)
    and build the new customs on the American side next to the American Customs, and
    have the Custom agents leave their guns in the new Custom building. Problems Solved.

  8. The new Customs building will be built in Cornwall, I’d bet anything on that one! The new bridge will feed into it. The old bridge….vaya con Dios!

  9. It should be in Cornwall the potential for revenue if done properly is enormous. Sorry no glasses hope the spelling is right

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