John Baird Coming to Cornwall Ontario to talk Bridges – August 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – Conservative Minister John Baird is coming to town and is going to talk about the bridge.   No, not the Bridge Crisis, but the new low level bridge.   The annoucement is expected this morning at a 9:15 press conference.


“I’m pretty excited about it,” Lauzon said. “I’m very excited about it.”

Our MP is excited as he should be.    He’s been mum on the subject pretty much since it started, and it looks like a pre-election boost for his chances in the upcoming Federal Election.

What do you think Cornwall and Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Why would they get John Baird to make the announcement?

  2. Jamie
    I am not sure but I highly doubt Guy had anything to do with the bridge being built. He has not been in place long enough. I would love to see his trail of research and investigations on the whole matter.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if it dates back to the late 80’s in planning.
    On preliminary views the Cornwall side was not given much thought. Do you have any idea where we cansee any plans or designs?
    There is so much opportunity of this is done better thne our other endeavours. The Complex, Transport Canada, The Curling club the ball diamonds the pool. All suffered from cut backs and combined with bad judgement on project management.

  3. Author

    Smee this whole bridge thing right now I think is hustle and bustle of the pre-election. The most frustrating thing about this job sometimes is not being able to print certain things for certain reasons….

  4. So true, so true Jamie, its not easy being in politics there is lots I would love to say but I bite my tongue.

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