Letter to the Editor – Darlene Walsh – Bill #C-428 – Old Age Pension Reform – Long Sault Ontario – August 15, 2010

Long Sault ON – I for one feel that our elected officials should pay attention. This is already a Country that is taken advantage of by many cultures. Many years of work have gone into this country by our senior citizens and they need to be cared for.

But they in turn paid for the care that they should be receiving.  How much is already being spent on care for newcomers that come with nothing to offer.

An education, ready to pick up our way of life, ready to learn our languages. We are a country that gives until it hurts. I feel that all are welcome but they do need to give of their lives as our sons and daughters have in this day and definitely in the past.

Ten years or more to work and provide to the tax base to utilize our health care in their old age is not unfair.  This Bill in my opinion needs to be stopped.  MP , MPP and Prime Minister e-mails are within these e-mail address’. Please let your feelings be known as I have in this e-mail.

Thanks read on and read the Bill C-428. If we remain silent then we deserve what we get! MP Mr. Lauzon, MPP Mr. Jim Brownell and Prime Minister Mr. Steven Harper.  Canadians deserve better! Elections are around the corner and we the voters are watching.

I ask the papers e-mailed this article to please follow up in their news papers/ sites. Thank You, a concerned senior to be.

Darlene Walsh – Long Sault Ontario

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  1. Bill C-428 is ridiculous, and preposterous. Who could possibly want this type of bill to pass?. What member of parliament requested this bill? Obviously someone with no brains or respect for tax payers of this great country.

  2. Sorry, I did my homework, it was a Liberal that wanted Bill C-428…that explains it!

  3. This bill was introduced by Ruby Dhalla.

  4. Yea it’s a Ruby idea. That is what happens when your constituents are all from the homeland. The more we let in with no restraint the faster we turn into what they left.

    However that being said if the government, who is that oh yea McGuinty and the longest running band of criminals in Canada the liberal party, would let these people work they too could pay taxes.
    How many qualified professionals are refused work due to some requirements? That too is a form of Mc Guinty extortion supporting the minister which says they need to be tested further and then be upgraded.

    When my parent arrived in Canada in the late 40’s, they were given a ticket for the train to get to the town where my dad would work and enough lodging for a month. All of which had to be paid back.

    Now we charge the working class and let the vagrant or refugees in and pay them with no responsibility to repay the money

  5. Now another 400 hundred with no id or proof of who they are, some sick.

    What will we do their? I think we should help them with the problems at home. Bring them ashore feed and clean them allow Home Depot to providde them with a shovel and a pick then fuel up the boat and send them home with all the doo gooders wanting to allow them into the country.

    Together they can build a better way in Sri Lanka.

  6. Get off the case of refugees. Most everyone complaining about refugees, were arrivals to Canada only through accident of birth.

    Focus on the problem …Parliamentarians, their party faithful, and their friends.

    Quit showing such an ignorance of civics, by blaming a particular political party. There is virtually no difference between the leading parties, after all, Conservative Gurmant Grewal introduced a bill similar to Liberal Ruby Dhalla’s before the last election, and the NDP hasn’t bothered to complain about any of this either.

    Laws are made by government, by the representatives you elect. Hold them responsible for being the self-serving individuals that they are. These leech-like money suckers, with pensions give themselves pensions that far exceed the wages that most of us work for day in and day out; yet when our pensions kick in (if we can ever afford to retire), look out for the clawback of the Canada Pension — something those thieves in Ottawa don’t have to worry about.

    Until we make polititians history, we are just playing into their hands if we fight amongst ourselves.

  7. Actually, the Ottawa Sun did a survey and published the results in Saturday’s issue. 94% of people poled said send the people back to Sri Lanka. Is it OK for me to say that City man.
    Everyone wants to sensor’s others opinions. So much for freedom of expression.

  8. Say whatever you want, just think before you say it.

    Considered and critical thinking is at a low on most news forums these days, for instance, the off topic response to the topic at hand …I referred to refugees, not illegals — and as for the supporting source, …Do you think 94% of those polled by the SUN could find Sri Lanka on a map?

    But I digress, the topic here is pensions and the like; foolks need to look to their own poor choices at the ballot box before arbitrarily dumping on desperate people that didn’t have the plain and simple luck to be born within Canada’s boundaries.

    And by the way, the day an Ottawa Sun poll dictates how we treat human beings, is the day I will resign from the human race.

  9. Didn’t Canada send a boatload of starving Jews back to Germany during WWII? I’m sure that sent a message not to try that stunt again. Today’s redneck knuckle-draggers seem to think that’s the way to keep us safe from hoards desperate refugees.

  10. Nicely put.

  11. Yes they did Furtz and they were turned away in the US as well, the British also sunk a ship filled off the coast of Gibraltar. I wonder how those acts would go today.

    City Man, why does a refugee recieve money with no commitment to paying it back yet a landed immigrant has to pay to get into Canada?

  12. I’ve got to go to work right now, but this website is a fair backgrounder about refugees to Canada…

    I’ll be back to chit chat later about humaneness, politics and justice., but I’ve got to go make some money now, to pay those taxes, and do my part to maintain a society that is the envy of the world.

  13. I have a few associates here and they are seriously considering returning to India, Iran and Iraq. These are hard working tax paying landed immigrants.

    They are fed up with what we do to people and claim had they known how much it costs in Canada they would have never come. Family members after visiting and seeing our taxation system refuse to relocate, some have said the wait times in hospitals are no different then at home and in some cases the service is comparible.

    This is not just our systems but our fees and costs for everything. Cell and internet services in Canad are so far behind India yet we pay 8 times more then they do for our service…..

    These people are all educated but cannot work to their full potential for small unjustified reasons. In a couple cases teachers cannot teach sighting our standards are not met. I guess 2+ 2 = 4 is incorrect in other countries.

    Yes we are a great country, but the majority Canadians thought well educated are easily misled into believeing we have what everyone else wants.

  14. I try not to be petty, usually, however I get the impression from City Man he is lowering himself to educate us, and by go to work now, is that code for the EI office?

    Sure Canada has some issues, if politicians would stop giving us what we hound them for, there would be money for core services, or maybe even a tax break.

  15. You provocative rascals you.

    Not lowering myself, but rather I am rising to an occassion where persons recklessly twist the incompetence and deceit of bureaucrats and self-serving politicians (tapping the treasury for votes) into a rant against a mostly hapless bunch of foreigners.

    And let me take the bait and suggest that immigrants from India have usually greased a few palms to enter “legally”, and express my wonder that anyone would return to India and it’s overwhelming social disparity and corruption because things are worse in Canada.

    And although it may not seem practical, it would be worth the trouble to do, still, what we can within our means to achieve the sentiment expressed by Emma Lazarus …

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

  16. I am horrified that the seniors of this country are considered 2nd class citizens, over those who have just arrived. It isn’t as if older people have less expenses. May this bill be put down and the plight of the seniors be addressed. I work with seniors and I see how hard it is for them to make do. Their physical and mental health is at risk and their well being. Getting old is no picnic and we all will get there in time unless they abolish old age. This is shameful.

  17. smee when you have trouble with your internet and you call the 1-800 number it invariable rings in New Delhi or Mumbai. Thats where most troubles originate.

  18. It was seconded by Bob Rae!! MP Ms. Ruby Dhalla who introduced the bill represents the riding of Brampton whose population is mainly East Indian. Right now you have to have lived in Canada for
    10 years in order to qualify for Old Age Security (CPP).
    She wants the time reduced to 3 years. Thousands could come to Canada when they are 62 years old, never having worked or contributed to this country’s tax system etc, and qualify for full Old Age Security (CPP) benefits. 10 years minimum is reasonable. 3 is not!

    The interesting part is this another liberal taking away from Canadians which will increasee our taxes.

  19. This is totally disgusting. Where do we go to get this bill stopped.

  20. I have read other people’s comments and my comment is: Where do you think all this money will come from? Have you checked your pay check stub lately? Deductions are inching up to 1/2 your pay check. If people want to live in Canada they should pay their way – work and pay taxes. We can not feed/house everyone who wants a free ride. Who is paying for their medical/hospital stay when they arrive? People want a better life, but we as Canadians can not afford to support everyone who is arriving and not contributing to the country. A free ride is not acceptable. Talk of our pensions being in question and possible changes to it makes one think what will happen to them when they retire? Why should non paying/non working people receive better care than the people who have lived (and their parents and grandparents) in Canada all their lives. Please think this over and give everyone a fair shake. Please do not accept boat fulls of people who do not work or speak our language get a free ride.

  21. Let’s all meet at Jim Brownells office.
    Maybe we can encourage him to vote against this bill. He would however need to take time away from private member bills and work for all of us.

  22. I am totally against bill c-428. A good friend of mine is east indian and he told me in these words, “the worst thing Canada can do is let to many Indians in, they will work for minimum wage and bring down wages”. Why would he say this about other Indians, why because its true. BRian Mulroney our former bribe taking prime minister started this trend of mass immigration as a departing handshake to big business, now its gone too far it must stop. Charity begins at home. Oh Canada.

  23. Ian, Brian Mulroney never took a bribe when he was Prime Minister

  24. Antipasta, I think you are correct. The kickbacks started rolling in after he was PM, but still an MP.

  25. antipasta, he still broke the law, lied about the bags of money, cost taxpayers millions of dollars in court cost and payouts. If I take money out of your wallet without you knowing, is that ok.

  26. Ask Jean Chretien about the Airbus scandal that cost Canadians millions of dollars. What about the cancellation of the helicopter contract…..how many hundreds of millions of dollars did (Jean Chretien) that cost us? On another note, the money that Brian Mulroney was awarded by the courts I believe he didn’t collect it but gave it to charity.

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