Radio Drama Casting Call for Fall Series on – Cornwall Ontario – August 16, 2010

Cornwall ON – Have you ever had a burning desire to get involved with Radio Theatre?  An itch?  Now is your opportunity as we’re going to be putting together a fall series of original content exclusively available on

If you have a special talent or just want to be a radio performer email us at     We’re looking at creating eight episodes of original radio drama so now’s your chance to get in on the action!

We’re going to be looking for on air and off air local talent to participate!   Community radio from Cornwall Ontario and Canada!


  1. This is an AMAZING idea! I’d love to do this.

  2. Brilliant! But what if i live in Ottawa? Do I have to trek all the way to Cornwall to play too?

  3. Author

    Hi, we’re accepting submissions now and yes, the recordings would be done in Cornwall.

  4. This is an opportunity that I’ve wanted to attempt for a long time..

    Many, many years ago, I had a fifteen minutes spot or less on WFBR– Balto.,Md. on Sat. A.M. interviewing
    five to teens about their HOBBIES– how they staryed, where they found/purchased, why they collected
    hobbie value, etc? It was fun!!!!!!!! Oh, yes, I was paid five SILVER DOLLARS.
    Call:— (613) 932-2143

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