Don’t Change Canada’s Planned Exit From Afghanistan War in 2011 by Kevin Parkinson – Cornwall Ontario – August 19, 2010

Cornwall ON – Finally, some people are coming to their senses in regards to the ongoing war in Afghanistan- a war that has always been illegal because Afghanistan was never a threat to any foreign country, and therefore should never have been attacked and occupied.

Senator Colin Kenney, in a special article to the Ottawa Citizen dispels most of the myths that the public has been swallowing for the past 9 years, and urges an immediate withdrawal of Canadian forces, and by implication, all NATO troops from Afghanistan.

The Conservatives and their Liberal predecessors have made a colossal mistake in funding a war that will never be won, and have spent billions of taxpayer dollars in military spending including costly equipment and deployment.

One hundred and fifty Canadian families have lost their loved ones fighting overseas, and for what? The rallying cry of “Support our Troops” is the biggest propaganda stunt Canada has been involved in since WW2- a war funded by Wall Street and the Rockefellers.

The slogan doesn’t address the insanity of fighting a war that has got progressively worse since 2001 with no end in sight. In effect, people are being mind controlled to support war and to refuse peaceful solutions.

Wars are good for business so when our American neighbor ramps up the pressure, we fall for it. Thank God former Prime Minister Jean Chretien kept us out of Iraq or that would be more tax money wasted and more lives lost. The present Conservative government is now dropping hints saying they would be open to a discussion about staying in Iraq after 2011, but this is once again giving in to the Americans.

There are a few basic things about Afghanistan that Canadians need to know. First of all, Afghanistan has never been effectively governed, even when imperialist powers first occupied the country under Great Britain.

It is a country of diverse tribal communities that do not want a central government or foreigners controlling them, or enforcing them to conform to western values. The Taliban attracts local people whose wish is to drive the foreigners out of Afghanistan. Afghani civilians agree with them. We are not wanted. Period.

Two things are keeping NATO and the Americans there: firstly, the strategic position that Afghanistan holds in connecting oil pipelines and routes throughout the country into Pakistan; and secondly, to keep hundreds of other infrastructure and military contractors, and security contractors such as Blackwater, in business. If huge profits are made by the American contractors, then a big chunk of those greenbacks is targeted to the ruling party at the next presidential election. That’s the way the system works.

There are atrocities being committed in a quite a few African countries and genocides taking place every year, but we never hear much about them. But if oil, gas, gold, silver or any other “wealth” would be discovered there, the U.S. and NATO would be all over these countries. Bottom line, it’s not about women’s rights or building schools, it’s about the money and it’s about profits. And most certainly it has nothing to do with loss of life, because if it were, how would the United States justify the killing of close to 2 million Iraqis since the first Gulf War. What sort of a label can we put on that?

The second thing Canadians need to know is that 87% of the world’s heroin supply comes out of Afghanistan and according to some reports illicit drugs are massive in the creation of global wealth. Heroin is in the same league as oil, and some researchers say this drug is the second or third largest contributor to GDP in the world!

So, what does all of this tell us?  Remember that the Taliban was the only government in Afghanistan that put an immediate stop to the cultivation of poppy fields and the production of heroin prior to 9/11, and since the Americans took over, the production of heroin has exploded each year.

Do a search on Youtube and you’ll find NATO troops stationed by the fields and if you think they are eradicating the poppy fields, look more closely. The soldiers are protecting the crops because the government is very much involved in the drug trade to fund the billions of dollars needed for war. Deals with warlords are being made, and fields are being protected. The whole thing is a terrible and shameful racket.

The bloodshed and the loss of life on both sides must stop. Corruption and crime will always be the way of life in Afghanistan as long as drugs and oil continue to produce wealth in the way they are doing. The entire war in Afghanistan should be viewed as an act of terrorism by all of the countries that are participating in it.

As Noam Chomsky stated: “If we want to stop terrorism we have to stop participating in it.” And that means saying “no” to the oil companies, other multinational companies, and the drug cartels that pressure our governments to participate.

We need to get back to our peaceful roots in Canada, return to our peacekeeping status of ten years ago, and encourage other countries to join us.

Let’s ensure that our next government in waiting signs a pledge to refuse to participate in foreign wars, except in a peacekeeping capacity as existed in the past.  If the party leader doesn’t sign the pledge, then voters agree not to elect him or her.

Isn’t that what we want?

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