Stephen Harper’s Witch Hunt Not Over – Cornwall Ontario – August 20, 2010

Cornwall ON – Hunter S Thompson never liked Richard Nixon much.  I can only imagine that if he were alive and in Canada what he’d think about Stephen Harper who currently is on a pre-election witch hunt and scare fare amongst bureaucrats in Canada who may be in a position to oppose his wishes.

Pat Stogran, RCMP Chief Supt. Marty Cheliak, Munir Sheikh, Linda Keen, Paul Kennedy, Peter Tinsley, and there are more like Konrad von Finckenstein.   Add in Helena Guergis and her skid marks and a litany of other victims and a very clear trend of behaviour can be established.

It’s a form of government that I don’t think has been seen since the 30’s and they didn’t call them the “dirty thirties” for nothing.   Where is the voice of the opposition parties while all this is happening?   Where is the Leader of the opposition?  Why is it dependent upon an already put upon media to oppose this type of behaviour?   And is anyone listening?

You can’t let foxes protect the hen house and that seems to be what this government is slowly doing one hen house at a time.   Now comes news that Mr. Harper’s former point man in the media is being set up as the political chief of Sun Media whilst part of that company is trying to get the CRTC to grant it special slots on the cable dial.

As we get closer to election time the question that comes to mind is that will Canadians even know about these back door machinations and will they care?

It seems that I and many others were wrong.  Mr. Harper isn’t emulating the Bush neo-cons, but the Putin type of government in Russia.  Is that what we want in Canada?

What do you think Canada?   You can post your comments below.

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  1. Hunter S. Thompson. Now THAT was a gonzo journalist.

  2. Author

    Why yes he was……….I had a chance to meet him once and it slipped through my fingers. That’s one of the regrets of my life….

  3. Never heard of him…. I like the job Mr Harper is doing, apparently so does a lot of other people. For a minority government I think the conservatives deserve high marks for being able to cut through the bull and get some important things done and that means a strong hand sometimes, that’s why its called leadership.

  4. Please share the top ten list of “important things done”.

    Feel free to pad out the list with bills that made it into law last session.

  5. …and some examples of leadership

  6. Gee, the Putin comparison is good, but I think Harper has learned much more from the tactics of Hitler! However, he IS getting lots of backing from the American Republicans and singing from their prayer book too.

  7. Just speculating

    But maybe the opposition wants this house cleaning to happen. History shows when the liberals loose an election it is usually in the wake of economic problems or when they begin to loose control in parliament. They cannot fix it so someone else comes in and does a lil organozing for them.

    Has anyone ever traced out how the people mentioned above were put in the position.

    Ombudsman in a liberal riding perhaps, yes it was the Conservative government that brought in the position of ombudsman but what if you donlt play well with people sides change, I am not justifying wha they are doing to our vets. Personally vets and people that keep us safe should be the people earning what pro sports figures get.

    As for back door machinations, if that was the case how could you be writing this article, it must have made an appearence somewhere in the front door? Also do you think any other party would do anything differently?

  8. I’m picturing stuffy British Colonial editors in fifties Canada receiving Hunter’s job application form. See link.

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