Letter to the Editor – John Milnes of South Stormont Ontario Questions Tammy A Hart – August 23, 2010

Dear Sir:

So, Tammy Hart, of Newington, is seeking a nomination with the Conservative Party of Ontario.  No, she has not told me personnaly but her frequent unbalanced attacks on Premier Dalton McGuinty clearly point to that scenario.  It is fair play for opposition parties and the public to be critical of the governing party.  However, it must be remembered while no party is perfect some have a better balance than others.  It should also be remembered we MUST have opposition parties in order to maintain a semblance of democracy.

Ms. Hart should ask her party if they will turn back the HST, the Eco-tax, online gambling and any of the other revenue earning measures she has critized the Liberal Party of Ontario for bringing into place.  Perhaps, if she were elected she would promise the people who elect her she will bring forward private members’ bills, with the complete backing of her party, to rescind these elements to which she so firmly objects. The political party of her choice will not do this voluntarily.  The revenue earning elements of the Ontario government would not be changed for all governments need revenues particularly when the poor economic times cause the Province to go into a deficit situation.  The Ontario NDP government of recent years learned this lesson the hard way yet – they governed fairly well.

Jobs lost to the recession mean lost income for the government and Ontario was particularly hard hit by this recession.  Anyone aiming to contest the Riding in the interests of the people MUST see this or they are doomed to failure.  The NDP was forced, while in office, to bring in very unpopular measures to combat an unfavourable economic climate.  They have never really recovered from that yet, overall, they governed considerably better than recent Conservative governments.  It is wrong, when making judgements, to take certain elements of any political party in isolation from the whole.

Before Ms. Hart makes further attacks on the Liberal Party of Ontario perhaps she should take a close look at the performances of the party she seemingly wishes to represent.   What did Ernie Eaves and his compatriots do for the Province during his tenure?  Very little, hence the success of the Liberal Party.  We all know what the Mike Harris Conservatives did to the Province of Ontario because we are still paying for his terrible mis-steps.  We do know where Ms. Hart puts her allegiance because she forsook the needs of the people in order to support the greed of business in the matter of pharmacies being denied their handouts.

One should surely look inward at oneself to measure how one might be perceived before attacking others.  There are ample ways of campaigning without the negative methods being engaged by this ‘would be’ member of the Provincial Parliament of Ontario.  I wonder if there is a chance of something positive being put forward by Ms. Hart if she continues in her quest to attain a more elevated political career.

John E. Milnes, South Stormont Ontario

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  1. There’s something about kicking the less fortunate in the head that the hard-right ideologues can’t resist. It’s always been that way. Not sure if it’s because it boosts their self esteem, or if it just feels good to inflict pain on a defenceless (unworthy) person. It’s happening all over the world all the time. I think the Harris government’s philosophy was if you make the lives of the poor impossible, the survivors would become useful workers at Walmart or McDonalds. On the other hand, they might have created all the extra misery because it was fun and easy to do. I tend to believe that there’s a sadistic element in the movement. As I said in a previous post, when Harris quit politics to spend more time with his wife, there was dancing in the streets.

  2. Pretty lame Smee, you are practicing the same old Neo-con tactics of of misdirection. If you don’t have an honest answer you point your finger at something unrelated and say “Oh Yeah, what about that!”

  3. Reg
    What misdirection, the fact that people can wait up to12 hrs in a hospital or the fact I buy dented cans and products close to the expiration date in order to save money and do not live on welfare?

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