Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Salutes Cornwall Ontario Transportation Company Green Improvement – August 23, 2010

Cornwall Transportation company leads the way with Idling Policy.

Cornwall ON – There is little doubt that a move by industry and business to incorporate standards and practices that our more respectful to our environment can have a tremendous positive impact for our communities and world.

New mindful environmental practices can benefit individuals immediately as well as have the added benefit of leading neighboring businesses and associations into meeting or exceeding these new initiatives.  Competition serves to inspire, compels one to reach higher; do better.

Each of us individually can lead and serve as example to everyone around us.  Each business which serves hundreds to millions has the potential to inspire and impact the many that they serve and beyond.  Earth Matters is of the opinion that we need our businesses and corporations on board to insure we live in harmony with our world and to insure species and habitats are not lost.

With this in mind Earth Matters is very pleased to highlight a new initiative by one of our Local Cornwall based Businesses, First Student Canada.

First Student provides transportation services to our local school boards and community by safely transporting our students to and from school.   First Student has instituted a new program which asks all their drivers (whether required by laws or not) to not idle their engines more than 3 minutes.

This small step taken by their North American fleet of nearly 70,000 vehicles will eliminate harmful emissions, save fuel and protect the public health and the environment.

One of First Student’s corporate values is to “Do the right thing for our environment”.  Reducing emissions from their entire fleet of nearly 70,000 with this measure is a significant step in reducing air and noise pollution.  First Student’s Anti-Idling Policy limits vehicle idling unless the vehicle is in transit.

Earth Matters salutes First Student Canada and their drivers for being socially responsible to the community by turning off the engines of their vehicles when not in transit and for setting a good corporate example for all the businesses involved in the Transportation Industry.

The Cornwall Carbon Reduction Initiative will be presenting a FREE Women’s Car Care Clinic by Seaway Chevrolet on Tuesday, August 31, 6 – 7:30 p.m. at 2695 Brookdale Avenue.  Reserve your seat today by calling 613-932-2088.  Space is limited.  Remember a properly maintained vehicle insures your car uses fuel efficiently, maintains the value of your investment, insures your safety and keeps polluting emissions to a minimum.  Carpool to this event with a few friends.  Your combined incorporation of a few basic steps in maintaining your vehicle can benefit your pocketbook and benefit our air quality.

If you know of area businesses incorporating steps to live in harmony with our environment and the community, please let us know.  Your commentary is encouraged and appreciated.


  1. Starting and stopping a vehicle to reduce emission can be counter productive.
    A vehicle runs better hot.
    Depending on the ambient temperature, amount of start and stops and the efficiency of the vehicle this could be more of a problem then solution.
    Not to mention hard on the vehicle as well if stops are frequent.

  2. Also, think about the wear and tear on your ignition, as well as the key. I once wore a key right out by turning the car off and on. Plus, my brother knows a guy who taught a guy who got carpal tunnel syndrome just from his ignition switch. He was trying to save the environment by turning his car off and on all day, and then his wrist got really sore. He is no longer a socialist. I would suggest NEVER turning your vehicle off, just to prevent these inconveniences from occurring to you, or your family. I have 2 cans of gas hooked up to the top of my trunk, with straws going into the gas tank to insure that I never run out of the precious fluid, while never having to turn it off.

  3. No myth Jacqueline, that is experience speaking, actually more of a career experience. Start and stopping is inefficeint under most circumstances and to be avoided.

    As well
    Do you think the upcoming increase in hydro rates have anything to do with the rates Hydro pay out to people supplying the grid? People with solar panels and the like.
    Green is good but we are doing it wrong big time.

    Personally I am getting a little frustrated and am considering returning to the 50’s and tossing it all to landfill for starters.

  4. New buses, like those owned by First Student Canada, are designed keeping the environment and the formerly mentioned problems with stopping and starting in mind. Please give a little credit to those hardworking engineers who are also GREEN minded. Go First Student!!!

  5. Now everyone listen to that smee person.He seems to no everything about everything.I,m just so amazed at the knowledge this person has.Smee Please move back to Cornwall someone will pay you that 65000.00 a year you were looking for.

  6. Not sure Luckyred, but I think Smee and Tammy are laying low for now. They might be resting up for that Pride fundraiser this weekend.

  7. Not just funds that will be raised this weekend

  8. Maybe some glasses of beer?

  9. Imagine if most of the commuters would be part of a carpool…it would be so much easier to get into the city. I tried the carbon dioxide and driving cost calculator of the carpooling network ( ) and they suggest huge savings: up to 2000$ and 1,5 tons of GHG per year.

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