EOHU Warns of Uncertified Underground Tatoo Parlour – Cornwall Ontario – August 26, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Eastern Ontario Health Unit is warning the public of at least one tattoo parlour that is falsely claiming to be “Board of Health certified”. This matter is currently being investigated. But at this time the Health Unit strongly encourages you to do a little research before choosing a tattoo parlour.

Tattoo shops are regularly inspected but some underground shops continue to operate under the radar.

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, call the Eastern Ontario Health Unit. You can ask if the Health Unit is aware of the tattoo shop and if it has been inspected. “It’s so important to get the facts before you get your tattoo or piercing. If you go to a non-inspected establishment, you could be putting yourself at risk for bloodborne diseases like Hepatitis B, C and HIV”, explains Linda Cléroux, Coordinator, Control of Infectious Disease at the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.

Here are few other tips to consider when getting a tattoo. Does the operator:

  • use only disposable, single-use needles
  • use a disposable needle out of an unopened package with the seal still attached
  • dispose of the used needle
  • disinfect the skin before procedures
  • have an autoclave (if reusable needles are being used) so that you know the equipment is being sterilized
  • give aftercare instructions and a number to call if there is a problem
For more information regarding this issue, please call the Eastern Ontario Health Unit at 613-933-1375 or at 1 800 267-7120 and ask for the Health Line. You can also visit www.eohu.ca for resources on safe tattooing and body piercing. Simply click on the “Adults” tab and then on “Tattooing and Body Piercing”.
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  1. It would be nice to know WHICH tattoo parlor the article refers to.

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