First Medical Marijuana Commercial – Only in California you say? Cornwall Ontario – September 3, 2010

Cornwall ON – Why do I connect Marijuana with bunnies?  I’m not sure….but I do know that legal Marijuana makes sense at every level and as they so do so often California is leading the way.

Here is the first Marijuana commercial.


Personally I find it all hypocritical, but in the 30’s that exactly how the end of prohibition for alcohol started; medical booze, and then finally the government just wanted to keep making more and more money.

I agree and studies have shown that MJ can have medicinal purposes, but let’s be real about the vast majority of those that use it.   Good Marijuana is much better than booze.    In the 70’s we were promised a better world and four day work weeks while complaining about our two parent perfect worlds.

Today you need both people in a relationship to make a good living just to survive.    You have to work like a dog.  People crap all over each other; courtesy is a forgotten virtue, and we’ve lost our souls and accountability in a world where stupidity seem to be valued more than integrity.

So I ask you Canada, isn’t it time to legalize Marijuana, and please don’t Bogart that joint!

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  1. Pot will never be legal. It isn’t illegal because it is dangerous, it is illegal because it is a medicine.

    imagine if the milk lobby had such stroke with the government that they managed to make ORANGES illegal, and you get the idea.

    The reason pot will never be legal is because the government and police like prohibition. It gives police lots of power to harass the young, the poor, people of color, and people with weird hair.

    The whole thing is a scam, and just you watch: people will keep reiterating the lies that it causes cancer and mental illness – when neither is true – simply because they don;t want to admit that they have been wrong all this time.

    In fact, Harper is about to pass laws that make it illegal to grow oregano and lavender at home. seriously. soon, garlic, catnip – ANY plant with ANY medical properties will be strictly prohibited.

    No, the drug war was never meant to be won, it was meant to be continuous. It will go on for another 30 years at least. more like another 100. I am 41 now. I will not live to see legal pot in canada.

  2. If it means the end of wasting money on law enforcement and the legal system.

  3. So Jamie, does your bunny have a name? Did you follow him through a hole into a green wonderland perhaps? Did you have tea with the Mad Hatter?

    People want to know Jamie.

  4. Government is making it’s fair share on illegal drugs in indirect ways, especially marijuana. Russell, you’re correct, pot will never be legal in canada.

    Take a look at the grow ops in British Columbia. People actually build houses or modify older homes to grow this stuff. (carpenters, building materials, growing equipment, insanely high energy consumption for the growing process, etc.) And the criminals growing this stuff don’t save their money for a rainy day… They buy boats, big trucks and SUV’s, ATV’s and have all kinds of fancy gadgets that they buy.

    All of that money being spent and then of course ( I didn’t forget ) TAXED.

    Why make it legal? There won’t be ANY money for the government to make on it.

    This is only my opinion… Don’t hate me or critize me and insult me like you guys do to everyone else on this blog.

  5. Author

    Reg all I will say is that I like to wear hats….and drink good coffee…..

  6. @ Rusell… So very true. Codex alimenterius will one day see it as illegal to grow even a tomato in our own gardens

  7. Did anyone ever get high on tomatoes?

  8. I don’t think anyone has ever gotten high on tomatoes, but I bet you could get sick from eating too many of them. Those home-grown ones taste so good that they could become addictive and cause health problems if eaten in excess. Most home gardeners and home-grown tomato lovers are responsible citizens, but some are not. Some grow more than they can eat, and sell or give away their surplus to potential addicts. It’s time that Canada had a mandatory gardener registry, and a proper way to regulate the consumption of the produce from these gardens. If it saves only one life……

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  10. A recent study at McGill University
    proves that marijuana is much more effective than pharmaceuticals in relieving pain. I have also read that it has been used to treat soldiers in Israel for battle trauma. There are no known side effects to take marijuana.

    If all of this is true why is marijuana illegal? I think the answer is obvious. The pharmaceutical companies are constantly lobbying the governments of the world to keep marijuana illegal, so that most people will have to resort to deadly pain killers like oxycontin. Furthermore, a lot of people get addicted to these pain killers but I don’t think the pharmaceutical CEO’s are losing any sleep over that. The pharmaceutical companies would lose billions overnight if marijuana was legalized.

    The Conservative government wants to increase the penalties for marijuana use, put more people in jail and build more prisons. This is so wrong headed.

    Jamie, I agree with you. Let’s get in to the 21st century, legalize marijuana and let the government collect their tax dollars. Stop demonizing marijuana and let’s get on with it.

  11. Anyone debating this, the US was trying to patent “Cannabis” in 2001 if I recall properly.. Harper just lost out on some major moohah for the country and all because of his stupidity towards Marc Emery who was trying to do what California just did…

    also, they are now trying to prescribe Methamphetamines to those with ADHD.. now how messed up is that for the US pharmaceutical industry?

  12. For the record; one of the things Californians voted for yesterday was the legalization of marijuana through Proposition 19. The state has a population of fifty million. Seven million votes were cast. Yes to making marijuana legal – 46%. No to legal marijuana – 54%. Those are some of the trends. That’s what happened.

  13. Author

    …sounds like the other 43 million folks were ….um…partying 🙂

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