Is what we eat Killing us? And if so why? VIDEO – Cornwall Ontario – September 5, 2010

Cornwall ON – Do you know what’s in your food?  Do you care?   Have you noticed having an allergic reactions to foods you never had before?  Why are peanuts so horrific today instead of the warm fuzzy friend of our childhoods?

What do governments know and not know and why do we in the public know so very little about what we eat?   What controls do we have over foods that come to us from countries like China or Mexico where standards aren’t up to our own?

We see certain meats and products in stores at low dollar prices; is this genetic societal engineering?

Here’s a fascinating video that looks at many of the food issues with Author Robyn O’Brien.  It’s an hour long interview, but there’s some amazing information.


For more about Robyn O’Brien click HERE

And what are the links between big money food and big money pharma?  And of course in the US if what you eat makes you sick you need medical services that could bankrupt you which is where our own medical system is heading.

We’ll be covering more areas of this over the next few months and be doing a few segments on

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