Tonight on – Old Tyme Radio with Reg Coffey & The Cornwall Underground with Jason Setnyk – Shows start at 7:30 PM – Cornwall Ontario – September 8, 2010

Cornwall ON – Click the banner above to listen LIVE or via Podcast to Reg Coffey’s Old Tyme Radio show featuring some of the finest episodes of radio from yesteryear and an eclectic mix of blues, jazz and you never know!

The starts at 7:30PM EST.

The Cornnwall Underground on Seaway Radio plays an eclectic mix of punk, metal, ska, alternative and indie rock music.

Every show features some local music from right here in Cornwall Ontario, as well as many Canadian bands, and some bands from abroad. The focus of one show might be punk and another show might be metal. Stay tuned to hear some amazing and fun music.

This is the loudest radio show in the history of Cornwall Ontario and in the Seaway Valley. The host of Cornwall Underground is Jason Setnyk, a local artist and music promoter who has booked hundreds of bands shows in Cornwall and Ottawa. Setnyk runs the Cornwall Underground website which has promoted local concerts and music in Cornwall since 1999, and he has produced four compilation Cds of local music.

Setnyk is the co-founder of Rock the Vote, and he hosts monthly acoustic shows at Café Connectionz called Rock for Charity. Episode 5 of Cornwall Underground on airs this Wednesday September 8th at 10pm with your host Jason Setnyk. Featuring music by Gone Hollywood, Illinium, Endyium, Buried Inside, Sleep is for the Dead, Vital Side, Be the Saviour and much much more!

Show time is 10PM EST or you can listen via Podcast! – Your community radio station from Cornwall Ontario and Canada!

Jason Setnyk Schnitzels

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