The Puck Drops in Parliament and the NHL on Monday September 14th – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Monday September 14th MP’s return to Parliament and the NHL Pre-Season begins.   Grisled old veterans hang on hoping to get one more crack at the cup; politicians look for that one moment to stand up and strike that political lightning bolt into the hearts of the opposition or get their moment of glory.

In Ottawa the Senators have much to mull over….whether to trade Jason Spezza or not; to rock and roll with an aged over the hill mix of vets for one last hurrah; to scuttle Fighter jet contracts….

But I digress.   From a Quebec stand point of view it gets confusing.    Support the Conservative government in hopes of gaining support for a new arena in Quebec or is Brian Gionta a good choice as captain for les Boys?   Is PK Subban everything hoped for or is Thomas Mulcair going to smash Bloc Quebecois support and ruin Gilles Duceppes 20th anniversary of leader of his party?

And of course in Toronto…..well autumn is the season for falling leaves…..

So I end this ponderment.    Will young bucks like Justin Trudeau and Gerard Kennedy have better years than PK Subban and Nazim Kadri?  Only time will tell, but come Monday the siren goes and it’s showtime!

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