Six Items Challenge a success! By Jason Setnyk -Six Items Challenge a success! Cornwall Ontario By Jason Setnyk – September 21, 2010

Cornwall ON – Local principal at the Ontario Hockey Academy, Dr, Kris Rothley embarked on the Six Items Challenge this summer.

For thirty days in August Rothley wore just six items of clothing (this does not include accessories, shoes, swimwear, or undergarments).

Rothley wanted to simply her life. Her closet was packed with out of date and poorly fitting clothes.

“I was tired of the time I spent in the morning trying to figure out what to wear. I took the challenge, and I gave away the rest of the clothes in my closet to charity. It felt good to help other people.”

The six items she choose were jeans, a short sleeve knit shirt, dress pants, a cotton sweater, a long sleeve shirt, and t-shirt dress.

Rothley got help and advice from a local consignment store. Susan at Echo Trends gave Rothley some great advice when it came to accessories.

“Scarves, interesting jewelry, items that go together make a huge difference. A couple of scarves completely changed the look of some of my outfits”.

Accessories helped keep Rothley’s outfits looking new and fresh each day. “Some friends and family thought I gave up the challenge”. Of course Rothley finished the challenged, and plans on doing it again each month, just changing it up a little bit for each new season.

“The six items or less challenge simplified my life, saves me time in the morning, and makes me focus more on the quality of clothing instead of the quantity”.

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  1. I’m thinking it will be an even larger challenge in the winter as a winter coat will be necessary which will leave you with 5 items. Good luck Girl! You know, this would make an interesting blog with a daily image of your outfit of the day! It would serve as great inspiration for everyone.

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