Letter to the Editor – Earle Macpherson Not Happy with Gun Registry Result – Cornwall Ontario – September 23, 2010

I am directing my comments to Ignatieff, the leader of the Liberals who issued an ultimatum to his M.P’s as stated on C.B.C. T.V .Vote along party lines regarding the long gun registry or suffer the consequences.Jack the whiner Layton is running a close second by allowing his M.P’s to vote as they wish but at the same time suggesting they vote to keep the registry.Most Canadians do not have a clue as to the many retrictions and guidelines that exist for gun security.

The tens of millions of dollars that will be eaten up by this useless system will not be redirected to health care or more policing.The majority of law enforcement except for a few chiefs of police agree with me,as a matter of fact the numbers are almost 90 percent say the registry achieves very little.So dictator Ignatieff and jack Layton has kept this system in place.Please remember this when election time comes around.

Earle Macpherson – Cornwall,On

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  1. I just have to ask, did Harper whip his caucus to vote against the Gun Registry? If he did so, is that not the same as the Liberals whipping their party to vote for keeping the gun registry? If anything, the NDP, even though they were suggested to vote to keep the registry, at least did a free vote. They could have still voted against it if they wished. What should have been done is NO WHIPPING and making it a truly democratic vote, then we’d see truly if the gun registry were abolished or not.. Last I checked, this country is a democratic country, our MPs are supposed to be working for the people, not being whipped by the government. So if anything makes me mad, its the WHIPPING that took place in the first place.

    Otherwise gun registry down or up, Id feel better if it went down democratically.

  2. The only “whipped” vote was by Ignatieff and the Liberals. None of the other parties did.

  3. Grimalot, have you ever considered that some of Harper’s Lobby Fodder MPs might really be into whipping?

  4. Harper most definitely did force his MP’s to vote his way. Any suggestion otherwise is misinformed.

  5. Stan, as you have said many times, wake up and smell the Coffee… all parties that whipped their parties into a certain vote, should be ashamed of themselves for stepping on our democracy…

    The Watcher – Well we all know that our illustrious Guy Lauzon is the party whip, but however, he is just as whipped as everyone else he whips for the PMO… talk about useless, can’t even come up with his own opinions.. it has to be scripted by his boss after filing paperwork.. why do you think he runs away every time someone brings up a question?

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    Now Barb we have over 20,000 viewers per month on The Cornwall Free News. You can look us up on Alexa.com

  7. You’re reading us Barb… do you have anything better to do then complain about us?

  8. And actually Barb, Ill have you know that I am currently tiling a floor as I am reading this all..

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