Cornwall And District Labour Council Endorse Bob Kilger for Mayor of Cornwall Ontario and Five for City Council – September 24, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Cornwall and District Labour Council has given its endorsement to Bob Kilger as Mayor of Cornwall Ontario.  The group also endorsed for city council; Jason Setnyk,  Andre Rivette, Bernadette Clement, Elaine MacDonald (Pictured above with Mayor Kilger and Ray Beauregard) and Madelaine LeBrun.

The Labour Council is hosting an all candidates debates on October 6th at the Royal Canadian Legion starting at 6:30 PM.

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

Jason SetnykKilger for Mayor Schnitzels


  1. Of course The Labour Council will endorse these people.
    They all have the same agenda, eliminate employment in Cornwall and encourage a retirement community. No labour issues and no challenges for counsil.

    We need to send these retired well pensioned old farts to Florida. An economically devastated community is a community ripe for industrial growth.
    Most of these old farts have retired form industry and caused all the environmental concerns in Cornwall as well as the unfortunate mill town mentality the city is nationally renowned for. Now again as they did while employed could care less for anyone else but their own well being and security.

  2. Thank you, for once I will agree with Smee AMAZING but true!!! They all cry out that they are there for the people but what have they done. Shame Shame Shame What have they done for the 63% citizens of Cornwall having to live on Social assistance and NO JOBS NOTHING For the homeless NOTHING for poverty eradication NOTHING Social Justice NOTHING . DO we want 4 more years of this Cornwall? Sorry they gave away our jobs they were unaccountable to those who paid their wages they all have self adgendas exploiting the poorer and They just dont care There are progressive people running who reallly want to make things better in Cornwall and they are not butt kissers to the old DAD;s Club and they dont get endorsements. Really!!! Dont tell us again you are for the people because we could fill manure bags with your crap.I will not be attending their all candidates debate as myself either they dont support me so I wont support them. Reggie Walker will be there as a private citizen who cares about this city and the people here and sitting in the back wondering what these wonderful people have to offer to make things different or better and can forget those who can make things better. Hold on while I take the knife out of my back Jamie

  3. I would like to thank The Cornwall and District Labour Council for their endorsement. I was expecting to see a few other names on that list, but that did not happen.

    Job growth is important, but so is job diversity. I think an important long term goal is to get a University in Cornwall. We may have to start small, for example partner with Ottawa U to get a satellite campus here (not just the tele-courses). I would also like to investigate the possibility of the local college moving more towards the trades like Alqonquin, and developing more partnerships between education and local businesses. I would like to see more skilled labour trained in Cornwall, and stay in Cornwall and SD&G. I believe there is a connection between education and growth.

    In regards to Cornwall becoming a retirement community, once again, do not put all your eggs in one basket, attracting retirees should be only one of many strategies to create a diverse economy here. Attracting retirees to our community will create a boom in private health care jobs, and other services. To focus only on turning Cornwall solely into a retirement community would be ridiculous, but to ignore the job boom that attracting retirees to our community could create would be equally ridiculous.

    In regards to social justice, the first issues of social justice that I want to discuss at the council if elected is this: Buses on Sunday. Even if we just offered limited service as a trial for a year to study if there is a need for it. I believe mobility is very important seven days a week. A lot more people in the service industries, making minimum or just above minimum wage, are using our buses now. I think there would be enough of a demand to offer at least minimum services on Sunday.

  4. Jason
    Sorry man but have to ask, how often do you gargle.

    Let me see, you are a teacher in a sports oriented facility. If it operates like any other similiar educational facilities it is not about the kids but the money. Do you actually fail students and increase the course expectations so when the kids fail at sports they might have tha chance at gainful mployment?

    Let’s see a little truth Jason.

  5. Or do you coddle students in order to maintain income and your job, similiar to places such as other continous education facilities?

  6. The OHA teaches the Ontario curriculum, and it has been approved by the Ministry of Education in Ontario.

    OHA students are both athletic and academic:

    I am a certified teacher in Ontario, I am professional, and I am very proud of my work.

    In conclusion, I think it is very cowardly to question my credability hiding behind a computer. Shame on you!

  7. Continuous education facilites receive most of their funding according to success rates. If an individual does not successfully complete an objective in the time frame approved by Ministries/Governments, it affects the success rate which will later influence funding in a big way. Student retention is one other factor that plays a big roll in the funding equation. So basically, a learner must complete objectives in a given time frame (success rate) and the facilities must keep the learner motivated and interested (student retention)… That’s how those people maintain their incomes and jobs.

  8. So, O.K., it might be about the money (where isn’t it, HONESLTY)… But to get the green, the clients must be well taken care of. There are many ways that Ministries/Governments make sure of this.

  9. Jason
    Read Vin’s statement on meeting the Ontario curriculum, and tell me how your school differs.
    Secondly, I had to use the call a friend scenario to determine where I question Your credibility. Sadly I must say I lost the call nobody could see the challenge as you do.

    However I can question your University belief, we already have a university in Cornwall. Ottawa University is set up at St Lawrence college and is not as successful as you would like to assume. Ottawa University has opted to withdraw their in-class courses for teleconferencing due to lack of enrolment and the calibre of people attending and in some cases teaching.

    We also have St Lawrence College and though enrolment is up somewhat the courses offered do not guarantee a career, like your teaching career, students are still left with a huge debt and no employment.

    University is good if you have the support for enrolment and careers following the program. Call centers and the elderly are not a huge attraction for a university contrary to what you are trying to sell to the public. In short why would a school/university come to a city with nothing to offer in support?
    Another scenario is listening to our local radio stations; compare ours to Ottawa and other cities. Can you not see the difference in skill and professionalism on the air?

    These broadcasts are what people from outside the area listen to as a typical business in Cornwall.

  10. Don’t get too bent out of shape trying to explain to smee the value of education. It is quite obvious that it is lost on him.
    Pull your shirt up smee, your redneck is showing.

  11. standup, perhaps something a little more progressive then your GED before commenting would be in order

  12. Why don’t you tell me where you got your education smee? I’d like to know everything too.

  13. The three happiest days of Smee’s life were probably grade 4

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