Carey Price 0-2 for Habs who fall to 1-2 in Pre-Season – NHL SCORES – Cornwall Ontario – September 26, 2010

Cornwall ON – I wouldn’t want to be Montreal Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier this morning, or his goalie Carey Price.

Mr. Gauthier traded away the very popular Jaroslav Halak for what many consider low value and made the decision to make Mr. Price “his guy”.

The fact that Carey’s contract took an awful long time with media rumblings of a possible hold out makes the pre-season results so far glow even louder for Hab fans.

Montreal fell last night to Ottawa 6-2 in Ottawa with Mr. Price in for all six goals.    So far the Habs are 0-2 with Carey between the pipes.

Can Gauthier survive being wrong about Price for long in Montreal where the fans are never mistaken for vegetarians and coom-by-yah has naught to ever be heard from the full houses of fans that show up for any Hab event en masse?

Alex Auld and Curtis Sanford are not the solutions.  Nick Foligno potted 2 for Ottawa as did Jason Spezza.  Montreal’s Tomas Plekanec potted another.

In other NHL scores: San Jose and Phoenix split their two games; Vancouver dined on Duck 4-1; Calgary 5-4 over Tampa Bay in OT; Washington edged Nashville 2-1; Dallas was all over St. Louis in their 5-2 win; Philly 3-2 over the Wolves in the Shoot out; the Hawks doubled the Wings 4-2; Buffalo trampled the Leafs 3-1; Rangers 5-4 over the Devils in Overtime; the hot Florida Panthers beat Boston 3-2; the Penguins pecked Columbus 3-1; and Cam Ward shut out Atlanta 1-0 for the Hurricanes.

We’ll be doing our team by team profiles and predictions starting next week!

What do you think Canada?  How’s your team doing?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Well you are wrong about one thing, I’m a proud Habs fan and vegetarian!! And I still want to tear Gauthier apart for getting rid of Halak 🙂 !!!! Price has had his chance, many chances and has blown it everytime! Oh and Georges Laracque is vegan too!! Maybe we need more vegetarians and less rodeo cowboys like Carey Price!!

  2. Question: What is the difference between Carey Price and Jesus Christ?

    Answer: Jesus Saves.

  3. I’m a pround Habs fan and a vegetarian too and as far as I’m concerned Gauthier should be stir-fried! And you’re wrong about the song too: its title is “Kumbaya” (in Creole) or “Come By Yah” (in English) and since Yah(weh) = God, we Habs fans may well be singing for His assistance at Centre Bell this season……..

  4. You know I am not a habs fan but even I am mad that their management traded away a great goalie like Halack for next to nothing and now no matter what Price does, unless he wins EVERY game this year with a shutout he will be booed out of Montreal before the end of the season.
    Why is everyone so down on him? It is not his fault that management decided to go with him. Besides how about the other side of the coin? How about how well the Senators played as opposed to how badly Price played? All of their marquee guys were on the ice last night and Price is just one player on a big team. The sooner fans give him a break the sooner the pressure will ease and he can get to playing his game. It won’t happen though. Poor guy is doomed.

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