9:00 AM EST We’re LIVE with the Political Round Table – Cornwall Ontario Council Debates start at 10:15 with Dennis Carr and Syd Gardiner facing off – September 28, 2010

Cornwall ON – Click the banner to listen LIVE at 9AM EST to the Political Round Table on Seawayradio.com!  Pundits Joe Gunn and Denis Sabourin talk Politics whether local, provincial, federal or world wide!    Keith Beardsley is in with his View from the Hill at 9:45 and during the municipal election season we are holding Debates!

This morning’s debaters at 10:15 are Cornwall Ontario City Councilors Dennis Carr and Syd Gardiner.  Both are running for re-election.

And as a special treat this morning local Songstress Sara Murphy is debuting the single Just One Bite,  from her latest EP BITE! We start off the show with BITE!

And don’t forget to listen Wednesday night to Reg Coffey’s Old Time Radio show and Jason Setnyk’s Cornwall Underground! Saturday we’re at The Cornwall Farmers’ Market and starting this Sunday night at 7:30 PM you are the star as we start our call in show “The Free For All”.

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  1. Wht at 9am Jamie? There will be only a limited amount of people listening. How can that make difference?

  2. Author

    Smee the show is live at 9AM and then available on demand via podcast or on iTunes. I would suggest maybe you pop onto our call in show Sunday nights if that’s better for your schedule…

  3. Should be easy, just bring up the 38% raise that Syd wanted to vote himself and ask him to explain why he deserves it.. Not much of a face off..

  4. Admin
    Will there be a chance for the public to ask questions to these people? So far it is just the usual circle of friends helping friends.

  5. Hear! Hear!

  6. Author

    Smee if you wish you can submit questions for consideration for the debates. Email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com

    Also, some of the candidates will be participating in our Political Free For All starting Sunday nights at 7:30 PM EST on Seawayradio.com – I would suggest you be one of the first to dial in.

  7. I guess Jamie

    I would like to know from Bob,
    1) How are we progressing with Robert Saunders generating station? Has he been able to receive comparable compensation for taxation issues or at least something similar to what Massena and Akwesasne has done. Also when can we expect to see the results?
    2) Why was Canadian Bio-pellet redirected to Ingleside as opposed to Cornwall industrial Park?

    For Mark
    1) Does he intend to pursue the Robert Saunders taxation issue and when can we expect to see the results

    For Mark and Andre
    1) What has happened to their commitment to resolving the Robert Saunders taxation issue?

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