Jason Setnyk Wants your vote for City Council in Cornwall Ontario – September 30, 2010


Cornwall ON – Jason Setnyk has been hitting the pavement, already dropping off pamphlets and flyers to some 1500 Cornwall homes, and talking to hundreds of people on the streets.

“This is my first campaign, and it has been exciting, meeting new people and listening to what they have to say. I have been knocking on doors, attending events, and my lawn signs are starting to go up”.

This is the local school teachers first bid for a seat on City Council.

Setnyk has been active in his community raising money for various charities and non profit organizations, hosting music and artistic events, and he wants to do more to help out the community.

Setnyk has already earned an endorsement from The Cornwall and District Labour Council.

Jason Setnyk supports buying locally, he is a strong believer in social justice, and he is an advocate of a greener community.

“I think vision is important. Whether you are a school teacher or a business owner, you need a clear long term plan and vision statement. The same goes for City Council”.

Setnyk considers himself to be pragmatic, he is ready to find common ground with others and then get to work.

“The details can be negotiated and worked out, but the bottom line is we need a plan to develop the waterfront, to draw in highway tourism, and to promote a more diverse economy and job growth”.

Setnyk believes offering more education in the trades and partnering with local businesses to train workers is one way to do that.

“I also think a University could be very successful in Cornwall, but we could start off smaller, like a satellite campus from the University of Ottawa as an example. An increase in University students in the City would be a boost for local businesses and landlords, and could attract jobs that do not traditionally come to Cornwall”.

Setnyk also believes attracting retirees to the City would create a boom in service sector jobs as well as higher paying private health care jobs.

“Attracting seniors and retiring baby boomers to our community with the right promotion is just another way to increase Cornwall’s population and to create more jobs”.

Jason Setnyk believes growth is key to offer better services without raising taxes.

“I would like to see improvements in infrastructure such as a public dog park. A dog park is about improving the quality of life for many citizens.” Setnyk would also like to work with citizens interested in fundraisers to help pay for half the cost of a public dog or half the cost of a skate park in the east end of town.

“Also Transit on Sunday’s would help workers get to work, and mobility seven days a weeks is absolutely essential”.

Setnyk believes tax dollars should be spent wisely. “Instead of spending money on upgrading Council Chambers and $700 chairs, I think our tax dollars could be better spent on something like getting a satellite fire station in the North end of town – that could saves lives and property.”

Setnyk also supports a wage freeze for City Councillors.

“I am not running to become a career politician. I will never vote myself a raise. A seat on city council is not about power, it is an important responsibility. I simply want to help our community to the best of my ability, and I hope I earn your trust and your vote this October 25th!”.

Contact Jason Setnyk via email: jasonsetnyk@gmail.com

Or for more info visit his website: http://votejasonsetnyk.blogspot.com/

Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=145087468867231


  1. Jason
    Can you recall the Ottawa University satellite campus that use to operate here in Cornwall? It was not successful. Why do you we should try at this time? The college itself is not at capacity either.
    What about a trade school? There are a large majority of trades people reaching retirement and very few entering the field, We have a magnitude of engineers, teachers, accountants and the like but we have very few plumbers, electricians and masons. Some University grads as well as and college grads spend thousands in school fees and when they graduate there is no work. Loans are defaulted and the endless circle of depression and financial ruin continues.

    How much do you think a proper dog park will cost? If we look around the city at how some other public facilities are maintained do you honestly think the park will remain in shape? People when shopping are too lazy to put their buggies in the stalls. That is a simple task, Look at all the timmies cups and fast food garbage around. Nobody picks it up. Do you think they will pick up their dog poop? You will have a select few doing the good deed. Then the lawn mower man will only step in shyte so many times until it becomes a council issue.
    Busses on Sundays do we have enough people using them through the week as it is? I have been in the city quite a bit this past week. The bus service cannot be operating very high above the red.

  2. “Setnyk believes offering more education in the trades and partnering with local businesses to train workers is one way to do that.”

    Way to read Smeagol!

  3. This is the same guy that use to play chop chop UFO on a plastic guitar and call it progressive…. Lol this city is going down the shitter

  4. Devils
    Are you saying that a university grad will work for the low wages offered in local businesses in Cornwall?
    Or maybe Dan could hire a graduating class of Eletronic engineers and give them a job on the assembly line, or night shift oushing a broom. That is something I have seen done here many times.

    The smart and good money will relocate.

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