“The Days of the Gong Show are Over” Mayor Bob Kilger Opens his Campaign Office – VIDEO – Cornwall Ontario – October 1, 2010

Cornwall ON – Fierce would be a term to use as Bob Kilger defied skeptics and roared out of the gate at the opening of his Campaign office on the corner of Montreal Road and Marlborough Friday October 1st.

The newly designed office space was full to capacity with well wishers and friends as the experienced veteran took to the podium and revved the crowd up.   The measured tones of the elder statesmen were left on the side as Bob Kilger fired away with the successes of his current mandate as mayor and seemed like a man with a mission that wasn’t quite finished yet.

Mayor Kilger is joined above by current councilors Glen Grant, Syd Gardiner, Denis Thibault, Bernadette Clement, Andre Rivette, Elaine MacDonald, and councilor candidates Jason Setnyk, Mike Bedard, Maurice Dupelle, Gerry Samson, Todd Bennett, and David Murphy.

It should be a very interesting campaign as his team seems stronger and larger than rival Councilor Mark MacDonald’s. However, using hockey as an analogy sometimes it’s not the best team that wins, but the one that wants it most.

Judging from Mayor Kilger’s speech he still wants it, and your vote on October 25, 2010.




  1. Kilger is nothing more than a career politician who lacks vision and is only interested in a steady paycheck.

  2. Mr. Kilger, you had 4 years to prove yourself, unfortunately, we experienced as taxpayers, tax raising, just for example the water tax which has been raised on and on, leaving people with fixed income tax, less money. Also, you are not the one who proposed the agenda, but the city workers, red tape, who are doing what they want, with your benediction sir. We experienced this situation under your mandate. Also, I had to sell my house because of the drug in the east end and parking facility on My property, on my share driveway and because of all the harassment from your so called By-Laws and the money I had to put on trying to achieve peace and comfort in my own home and giving a quality of life for myself and my childrens education and safety. Me and my wife met you in your private chamber and we exposed you the problem and the situation in the east end and you promised that you were to look into it. But unfortunately, you promised us and you did not come throught with it. We never asked you a rose garden, but you deceived us so much and just to let you know we are not alone, there is many people feeling that you should not be there anymore, we are standing up for our rights because our taxes are paid. What you say behind closed doors are one thing but in front of others it is a different ball game. For us you are out, we do not want you to be mayor again, you are a shame, a man without dignity, this is what you are. Where are our money? for minor variance paid for nothing!!!, what about the money the city is paying for your funeral expenses, why do we have to pay for that??? How come that you are so distant from the real preoccupations of our citizens.
    The schools teached our children in classes to respect the mayor’s office and the counsel and how to solve situations with your respect and what about to keep the young people in Cornwall because they are our future. Now because the elections are there, on the 25 of October, you are putting a big basket of beautiful red apple’s but there is one in that basket that is black and that one is you!!! So it is time to say good night, au revoir, best retirement for you!!!! The check is in the mail!!! We believe Cornwall could be a very nice city to live in, but without your supervision it will get better!!!

  3. It’s like Kilger has City Council mixed up with his cell phone plan …it’s not “Friends and Family” at City Hall Bob! …and that’s the 4-1-1 on that.

  4. Go Mario, you tell it like it is!

  5. Mayor Kilger tells us about all the money that was put in this year again at our(your)marina 200.Seasonal campsite fees around are 1800.00 dollars But At Marine 200 for all those floating campsites its only?What gives?

  6. Well said Mario
    He also does nothing for seniors when their Dr’s have instructed them to quit working for health reasons. Mind you this was when he was our MP.
    But it appears the tradition continues

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