We Begin our Ottawa Municipal Election Coverage – Frasier Lipscomb – Mayoralty Candidate – October 3, 2010

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Here’s a piece on Frasier Lipscomb who’s running for Mayor of Ottawa by Richard Komorowski.

This is the message that mayoralty candidate Fraser Liscumb wants the citizens of Ottawa to consider. The city, and Canada, are part of a global network, and to survive and prosper, both must surf the tides of change, or be dragged under.

According to Mr. Liscumb, greed and self-interest are holding the city back.  He is calling on the citizens of Ottawa, young and old alike, to take the city in hand and be a part of the change. Ottawa needs to propel itself to the front, without relying on the provincial and federal governments to do it instead.

Over 80% of the population now live from paycheque to paycheque, thanks to the current depression. He hopes to encourage big business to be part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

Mr. Liscumb has other ideas too, such as building an innovative light rail transit system, and encouraging research and innovation in tackling the city’s many problems.

In short, Mr. Liscumb hopes “to teach the community how to work as a team and give them the support and means to help themselves, or change what needs to be changed by using a little innovation and team effort. This way, everyone can walk away a winner.

What do you think Ottawa voters?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I wish him well, but really, teach the community how to work as a team. People are busy with work, kids, paying bills and maybe a beer once in while, I would need to see a blueprint for that one.

    80% of the population living pay to pay is not the current recessions fault. If so much of each tax dollar did not go to boondoggles and health care, it could filter back to us.

  2. Mr Liscomb seems to have a serious problem with the english language.I read his responses to some pertinent questions recently and noted dozens of spelling and grammatical errors.Possibly he could hire an aid who speaks and writes the language.It amazed me that he would allow this to be returned for the public to see.

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