Thursday October 21 we give our Cornwall Ontario Municipal Election Endorsements and Endorsenots!

Cornwall ON – Thursday October 21st we at the Cornwall Free News will make our endorsements for the upcoming local Municipal Elections.  We’ll also have a brief list of people we suggest you “not” vote for and why.   It’s All or Nothing here at the Free News.

We feel its important to listen to what the candidates have to say before we give our final endorsements whether it’s listening to debates, reading their platforms and comparing their actions to their words.

We’ll be having  a special segment on the Political Free For All Sunday October 17th where you too can weigh in with who you feel best would serve the people of this city.

Bob Copeland Cornwall DBIA Schnitzels


  1. Should a media company do this? Are you not to remain unbiase

  2. Author

    Todd it’s a tradition for newspapers to give endorsements.

  3. Sorry admin
    Todd admin is right, however pay close attention to what they permit and who they seem to endorse more

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