Kevin Parkinson on H1N1 and What’s Ahead for Canada in 2010 – Cornwall Ontario – October 6, 2010

Cornwall ON – This is the time of year when the CEO’s of the pharmaceutical companies start salivating. That’s because we’ve started another season and the storm clouds of winter lie ahead.

Just like clockwork at this time of year, we will start to see the relentless medical propaganda telling everyone to get a flu shot of one kind or another. Forget about getting natural or artificial sunshine or Vitamin D to boost your immune system. Just line up for your toxic flu shot like you are supposed to do.

Big Pharma and its lobby basically control the medical profession, and government (Health Canada). Big Pharma’s interests are so pervasive, that most of the medical information you receive has been downloaded to the media giants, which in turn fill the newspapers and the television screens with urgent warnings to get flu shots. It’s an Orwellian dream come true.

Let’s review what happened in Canada last winter. We were told day after day, week after week, that we had to get an H1N1 flu shot. Most newspapers at some point, had H1N1 stories and information on every page, designed to create fear and panic in the population. Not a day passed when we weren’t bombarded with this stuff.

But what happened? The whole thing was a giant hoax and I wrote to this newspaper last year saying exactly that. There was no pandemic and the majority of people in Canada, about 60%, did NOT take the H1N1 flu vaccine and last winter turned out to be a normal flu season. Meanwhile the authorities called this a successful program.  Since when is a failure considered a success?

One of my objections to the media last year was, that when health is involved, all options should be put on the table with their advantages and disadvantages, and people should take responsibility for their own health and make their own decisions.

In this case, people should be told not just about flu shots, but about all of the alternative and natural ways in which to protect one’s body against illness. The Eastern Ontario Health Unit should be presenting ongoing workshops to the public, educating and informing them. If a pandemic is supposed to be coming, what could be more important than people’s health and safety? People should be encouraged to ask questions and inform themselves.

So, this year I am asking the same question.  Since 60% of Canadians said “no” to the flu vaccine in 2009, will the media publish the inherent risks of taking vaccines in 2010, and publish other measures to help people stay healthy throughout the winter.

There are plenty of doctors like Dr. Blaylock and Dr. Mercola who offer a lot of resources warning people about taking flu shots. These are doctors who have had the courage to publicly disagree with vaccine health policy that they know in their heart of hearts is full of risks.

If you think Big Pharma is going to take a winter off and give us a break, then be advised that the Pubic Health Agency of Canada has just approved a new vaccine called FLUMIST and will be administered as a nose spray. This vaccine will contain live strains of H1N1, H3N2, MSG and other neurotoxins.

This vaccine was approved for use in Canada without evaluating and testing its safety and effectiveness on a single Canadian.  I guess that’s because the government is so concerned about our safety!

As some of you may know, it is the pharmaceutical companies that test the drugs and present their findings to Health Canada. In most cases what Big Pharma gets is a rubber stamp.

Flu hoaxes happened before and they’ll happen again. The last one was in 1976 when 40 million Americans were vaccinated, with many experiencing adverse reactions before the dogs were called off.

Overall, my advice would be to do the research as many people have started doing.  When corporate greed and betrayal trump health and safety, we count on government to protect us. But it’s not happening.

We need more whistleblowers like Shiv Chopra(Corrupt to the Core) to tell the people what’s really going on at Health Canada.

In the meantime we all need to be more vigilant. Our lives may depend on it.

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  1. Dr.Parkinson: Yes it was a success! Imagine that 40% of potential flu-catchers did not get the H1N1 virus because they were vaccinated. As to your diatribes about Big Pharma, stating what you say you know, you must be an employee of Big Pharma or else you are just full of B.S.

  2. No stan. Hes just a man that can see what the hell is going on in Canada.Money first people second.

  3. Right there in the article, Mr. Parkinson wants you to spend your money on alternative medicine, not real medicine. Replace one greedy business with another, but the other only provides placebos! Boost your immune system with tea and berry drops? Haha! The only way to boost your immune system is to get sick or mildly sick with say a weak strain of flu, which comes out of a syringe! Or just hope to catch a mild case of the flu, now THAT is natural medicine at work!

    Yes, doctors and health workers are shoving these vaccines down our throats! All for free notepads, pens, ball caps, and golfballs with Big Pharma logos! Wait, that doesn’t sound right. They force these things on us for Pharma Swag? Eff the hippocratic oath! I want free golfballs! Get your heads out.

  4. Stan
    How do you know the 40% would have contracted H1N1 in the first place.? It cannot be proven after they recieved the shot.

    Good dietary habits and exercise combined with rest are key to fighting most illness. The berries and teas will not help us now. Well maybe a lil Bombay sapphire for malaria is good though.
    Berries and teas are preventative ideas and must be done over generations of use. Kind of like Tom says it has to build up our immune system.

  5. Hey, Kevin. I think part of the problem too may be found in Health Canada. It does seem that Health Canada policy and guide lines can be skewed and influenced by Political Party necessity. Increasingly, scientists working for the government are prevented from speaking out or critiquing their work. The Auditor General has no problem with speaking out but apparently that courage has not been contagious. Is the flu less contagious if the host body is filled with honey, lemon and garlic? To what extent? Why does Canada have the highest rate of cross contamination in the West? Why do hospital directors get paid twenty times more than a Registered Nurse? Why do we allow healthy babies to be born in the middle of sick hospitals? The answer is clear – spend nine billion dollars on prisons and ten bucks on schools. Sorry for the sarcasm. You brought up some great points Kev and Stan – good dietary habits, don’t lick hand rails, brown nose less.

  6. Well said Cotton Ball and very true
    Most of the government entities or third parties rarely say boo about policy and or expenditures not to mention operations.

    Do you what happened to Linda Keen in 2008.

    Linda Keen’s designation as president of the CNSC was revoked on Jan. 15. 2008. She had ordered the Chalk River nuclear reactor shut down over shortfalls in its emergency cooling system.

    She followed CNSC guidelines and safety protocols but apparently it is not a good practice. Chalk River later closed and is still under a shut down due to a leak at the base of the reactor vessel
    causing heavy water run off. Maybe had they done the right thing in the first place everything would have been fixed by now.

  7. Some of what you say, Mr. Parkinson, makes some sense. Some of what you say seems like total BS. For the record, what exactly are your medical qualifications?

  8. You are tough to please, Watcher. You question Mr. Parkinson’s medical qualifications. I feel that line of thought is too rigorous and limiting. I have no degree in English – yet I speak it. Do you desire to arrest all the mom’s in the world who practice medicine without a licence for taking care of their sick kids too? Relax, leave the intellectual bullying to the two punch artists.

  9. Buddy, you haven’t grasped the point. Yes, mothers throughout the planet take care of their sick kids. But when it’s too much to handle, they seek the advice of an expert, which in Canada is known as a doctor. A doctor spends years studying the art and science of medicine before being loosed on the general public, and in general, they give the right advice.

    Again, the question is, what are Mr. Parkinson’s qualifications, where he can give good advice regarding vaccinations.

  10. I’d like to shed a bit of light on my qualifications since this seems to be an issue.

    Watcher, I have no medical qualifications but that doesn’t mean that I can’t inform myself from all of the resources which surround us. If you re-read my article you will see that I am giving my opinion on vaccines, but I am not asking people to accept it carte blanche. Instead, I am stating that people should be presented by media and health authorities with health alternatives including natural therapies, or that people should seek them out before taking vaccinations that contain dangerous chemicals. You don’t have to be a doctor to read the label.

    Doctors follow what they have been trained to do. Most of them are competent and are necessary, but remember that they treat the symptoms of a disease or illness, and in many cases never find out what causes a problem. Look at the amount of pharmaceuticals that are being prescribed these days. Children are being given up to 25 vaccines in the U.S. in their first two years of life! This seriously weakens their immune system.

    In Cornwall look at the number of drug stores for a population that hasn’t grown since the 1960’s. They are drug stores everywhere because people take a lot of pills. Our society is very sick(ill).

    As a society we need to lose the pharmaceuticals and get back to some basics such as: good nutrition, water and exercise and no junk food(in my previous article).

    That way we will become a healthier society and the way we do that is to take charge of our own health by evaluating information and making our own decisions.

  11. Bravo Kevin

  12. Kevin
    If we have no teaching qualifications, though we are well informed on a topic, can we still teach and reap the benefits of your pension plan?

  13. There are some very harsh critics here. They deserve their prescription meds and vaccines. In fact, they are more than welcome to my family’s share. I don’t care if the critics suffer later, I will be comfortable in knowing the truth about what most doctors do for their patients. Suck it up people, especially if you are that gullible!

  14. My dad always has an old story of when I was a kid, the Dr at that time would perscribe medicine for the elderly. Dad not being a huge meds fan asked why the Dr perscribed so easily, the Dr’s answer was it’s only placebo to help them feel better

  15. I received the flu shot on Oct. 28/10 and have been off work since and under the care of a Dr. who told me I had a severe reaction to the vaccine. I would like to know where I can report this and find out if others are having reactions to this years vaccine. It’s my understanding that H1N1 is part of the vaccine this year. Any info would be appreciated.

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