“How Many Pessamists Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?” Jason Setnyk from Cornwall Labour Council Municipal Debate – VIDEO – Cornwall Ontario – October 6, 2010

Cornwall ON – Jason Setnyk, who is running for city council of Cornwall Ontario asked the crowd, rhetorically of course, “How many pessimists does it take to screw in a light bulb?”  Of course the answer is zero as pessimists change nothing.

It’s that spirit and zest that’s added some life to the debates so far into the election season.    There are eighteen days left in the campaign and the two major debates are done and over.

Final Statements from Andre Rivette, Gary Samler, Gerald Samson, Jason Setnyk, and Denis Thibault


Now all that’s left is stumping; door knocking; some advertising and hope as the new candidates such as Jason, Gary Samler, Maurice Dupelle, Todd Bennett, Madeleine Lebrun, Patricia Lalonde, and Pat Finnerty await to see if they join some of the incumbents around the city council table on October 26th.

Final Statement – Jim Marshall, David Murphy, Leslie O’Shaugnessy, & Claude Poirier


It’s so sad that the public isn’t exposed to more about the candidates.  We’re being asked to “Hire” the people that will make the final decisions on how $150 Million plus dollars per year are spent in the city of Cornwall Ontario and what do we really know about any of them?   Two minute statements are not really enough.

The coverage and advertising for most of the candidates has been minimal in this race; many don’t have websites.  We will continue to try and get as much from the candidates as we can information wise.  Hopefully some of them will offer different statements rather than the same ones from event to event.

Final Statements Mary Ann Hug, Patricia Lalonde, Madeleine Lebrun, & Elaine Macdonald


It was odd that the Labour Council gave its endorsements prior to the debate as some of the those not endorsed definately sounded much more Norma Rae than some of those nominated.  Officials from the Labour Council explained about their questionaire process and timing, but it did feel odd as shared by some of the candidates with us prior to the debate.

Final Statements – Dupelle, Gardiner, Grant


Final Statements from Bedard, Bennett, Carr


As the silliness was separated from the substance certain councilors showed that they had the mettle to make decisions involving vast sums of money.

Denis Carr and Denis Thibault have proven themselves in council.   Their records speak for themselves.   Surprisingly Mike Bedard showed focus and direction and is one of the few running with real business experience.    Todd Bennett also showed an understanding of the financials involved with running a city.

Some voters don’t realize that the city hires full time managers and staff to come up with solutions, reasons, and the nitty gritty of running a city.     Decisions are brought to council for wisdom, judgement, direction, and yes vision.   It’s not really about who’s nice or who worked with your aunt’s uncle’s cousin that used to work the night shift at that place that went out of business in the 70’s.

There are real life and death financial decisions that impact everyone that lives in Cornwall and even those living around who use our services and facilities.

The Question period of the crowd was a bit difficult for Nicole Spahich. Neither English nor French are  her mother tongue?


Councilor Syd Gardner asked the Mayoralty candidates about being positive from the floor.


“Hope = Prolonged Disappointment”  Councilor Mark MacDonald



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  1. Forgive me for being brisk, and not near enough to the microphone.


    The problem of our disappearing children…

    We don’t have the things that other locations offer, like schools, jobs, a wider range of cultural and liesure persuits (…walk down Pitt Street on a Sunday afternoon, and good luck finding a coffee shop to sit down and have a chat)

    They don’t want to bring their kids back only to see them, leave as well

    And as cruel as it is, they don’t like the mentality of an “establishment”:
    – that would still be content with the “smell of money” from Domtar
    – that still happily feeds an active stinking dump in the centre of town
    – with an armed garrison at the foot of the bridge …which is the gateway to our city
    – a city ready to carve up and build over a riverfront that would be the envy of any other community

    It’s time for new blood, until we can stop the bleeding.

    I live comfortably and debt free, and have chosen to spend nothing during the campaign because I’m pretty certain that by election day anyone with any interest in Cornwall’s governance will know who and what I’m about. And that will be thanks perhaps to social networking, and certainly to media outlets serving the community, like this one.

    I do however patronize the CFN’s fine sponsors.

  2. How many optimists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    None, because they’re sure the light will come back on once it’s ready

    Either way we loose Thanx Jason. But on the optimistic side Conrwall remains the same.

  3. Why is Jason Setnyk on the front page?

    He was horrible during the debate! Is he related to someone working for the Cornwall Free News?

    There was only one or two Councillors that had the audience cheer and yet they were hardly mentioned. I guess that’s why Jason is never shown live because he hasn’t said anything impressive yet, until his planned one, liner to finish the night….which was really cheesy and ridiculous!

    6 incumbents and 4 challengers would fit the bill for me!

    Heres my list (in alphabetical order only):

    -Michael Bedard
    -Bernadette Clement
    -Denis Carr
    -Maurice Dupelle
    -Glen Grant
    -Elaine Macdonald
    -Jim Marshall
    -David Murphy
    -Andre Rivette
    -Denis Thibault

  4. Mayor T.B.D!

    So far, Mark has said more about the future less about the past which is what I want to here! Not, the I’m a father, born…, was…, etc.

    How about this is where we are and this is were we need to go!

  5. Ah… Bob… “Not me. I’ll never do it.” Of course you won’t do anything about it (as you’ve proved to us).

    If people are working “oh so much” over time and still aren’t able to get the job done properly, don’t you think there IS a problem that should be taken care of Bob? Mark’s comment could be taken negatively, but it in this case, it really wasn’t. And as for the other one, she doesn’t know if she’s coming or going!

    I agree, we should be looking ahead, looking back on what has been done isn’t important, of course for Bob, it bulks up the resume. But we really don’t care about what’s already been done, because exactly, it’s done!

  6. Bob

    $119 Million for the Cornwall Community hospital..
    How much over budget is the project at this time?
    Though the hospital is a good idea is spending that much money on a building riddled with cut backs a wise choice? If Despatie continues it will make a great old age home or better yet palliative care unit. That is if you can hit the province for more money. As it stands now it is nothing more then sugar coating a pile of crap. Yes the building is nice but what is inside? How much ligic is there is a facility where the administrator earns money then the people saving lives?

    New Pizza Hut
    Cheers to Pizza Hut the new facility and location is a better choice.
    Was this actually something you were associated with, or was the owner looking for better access and a larger parking lot for their customers? Does the new facility employ more people? What about the old building is it now vacant or has a new business taken it’s place? , again it is a new coat of paint on an old building with no real value added.

    What ever happened to Boston Pizza?

    New Power Visitor Information Center
    What happened to the old Visitor Information Center? Really was this your idea or Robert Saunders hoping to increase revenues. Why did you stop Rivette and Mc Donald from perusing the issues with Robert H Saunders taxes and current land taxes paid? Would it not have been more beneficial for the city and surrounding communities to join together and recover the land not used since the 50’s. At the same time lost taxes for the last 60 years as well as an adjustment to land taxes for the current land values? Raising taxes is something you have done quite easily to the Cornwall residents. What could happen from approaching Robert H Saunders, I highly doubt they would relocate and we do not purchase power from them.

    St Lawrence College Redevelopment
    Having served on the board of directors and if memory serves me, all decisions are carried out by the Kingston Campus. I just hope they improve the quality of courses after the change as we need more then social programs.

    Cotton Mill Re-Development
    Wasn’t that Kaneb waiting until the market and necessity was there as well as a sound financial decision. I just hope you Bob can clean up the surrounding area as I highly doubt people will pay the rates asked in a neighbourhood laden with drugs and more recently a murder. It could turn out to be our next white elephant.

    What has happened to Liquiforce, and where is Canadian Bioplellet?

    As I look at the 2008 Financial Statements it would appear our salaries out weigh the services by 28%. Then we have transfers of 34%. It would seem we are paying a lot of money for wages and redirecting funds but little or no service is provided.

    It is my understanding there is a whole team contributing to economic growth in a community. When I read your pamphlet it seems you were the only one responsible and you seem to neglect team work. I would think team work is paramount in accomplishing Leadership, Progress Integrity, Growth, Momentum, Results.

  7. Hey smee, I agree with a lot of what you say above!! And just to add to that, the service Canada call center, with 177 employees or whatever, wasn’t that apparently “Lauzon” that brought that in? What did Kilger have to do with that other than some talks perhaps? One thing for sure, Kilger and Lauzon seem to like to take credit for other peoples work!

  8. Thanx Grimalot
    How many local people were hired in that call center, how many strictly anglophones were hired as well.
    It is government and I would think anybody already a member of CUPE would be given first chance to work here.

  9. I guess Matt likes some of the same status quo and people to vote themselves a 38% raise.. some nice picks there Matt.. I’m surprised you didn’t add Syd to that list too..

  10. Quite a compilation “smee” thank you.

    These situations are conveniently put aside, as politicians trumpet that a project is $600,000 under budget (the real news story would be, how is it that budgeters were so far off the mark).

    And in the case of a $55,000,000 water sewage plant, what is there to trumpet? It only highlights the skewed priorities of the Corporation of Cornwall; that is to pay $2,000,000 to a shady developer for a polluted piece of land and $30,000,000 on top of that for an arena …all before we decide to quit using the St. Lawrence as a toilet — really, Cornwall is the last municipality to be toilet trained.

    Politicians are quite adept at keeping the electorate distracted.

  11. This is why we need a new city council. Let the citizens speak!

  12. Grimalot, Syd was extremely rude to follow citizens telling them “to back to sleep!” in the middle of he campaign debate hosted by the labour council and only says what he has done in the past! He has an unrealistic vision of an airport that I think will do little for a community that must develop other areas first and i believe the other candidates could get the job done better than he could….plain and simple!

  13. Not only rude to some there Matt.. but Andre Rivette, Syd Gardener, and I believe Glen Grant, all wanted to vote themselves a 38% raise.. I don’t know where they learn business from, but, If I go and take a job somewhere, I take it for what is offered. If I tell my boss, that hey, Ill work harder if you give me more money, what do you think that boss would do? or should do I should say? I can tell you easily, that the ethical thing for that boss to do would be to fire me, because I am basically saying I am not giving top work for that top dollar I was offered to be paid for the work I was doing and accepted to do for that price.. so that 38% raise really gets my gall! Either offer a proper salary in the first place, or a bonus structure for going above and beyond the scope of employment in that field. But don’t accept the job and then complain it doesn’t pay enough and then try to vote in your own raise, especially 38%.. These people are doing it to try to help the city, to make a difference, they shouldn’t be in it for the money as stated many times before.. So, do what you say you’re going to do, and help the city, without worrying about what you’re going to get out of it after… if only this were a perfect world…

  14. “How many pessimists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” Where City Council were concerned it would take one council member up on the table to hold the lightbulb and the nine others could rotate the table. Let’s clean house!

  15. Has anyone noticed that zero candidates are making an effort to speak to the 18-24 year old first generation voters? That use to be called contempt. It’s probably fear though.

  16. Jim
    Most true planners and can be right on the mark, costs are not rocket science. Yes some do what they can to earn a little more for nothing but in some cases it is the unnecessary evil. I have been involved in a few capital projects myself. The problem lays a little deeper then budget and accounting, it is always management.
    The $600,000 you mentioned was probably due to cut backs which will cost us an additional $2,000,000 later on. If not the plant or building will be riddled with maintenance issues such as rusting components as in the aquatic center and no room for spectators when hosting national and international competitions. Oh wait I am mistaken, we can’t host events cuz someone didn’t think we needed the right size pool either. We also have seats too far from the ice surface as in the complex.

    The city can waste more tax dollars in court proceedings which will in turn reflect on the taxes. A similar situation to what happened in the water improvement project in Ingleside.

    Keeping the electorate distracted is not that difficult.
    Here people are so fed up with the nonsense most are willing to accept what ever is fed to them. Others just don’t care anymore. In some cases it is a lack of options. I hope most of the new people are elected ousting the political inbreeding running rampant in the Seaway City. Oh yes how much did the name change cost and who nationally really cares?

    I have just learned this morning how Keeping the electorate controlled is accomplished

    Good Luck Jim

  17. Bravo Matt, you speaka you piece.

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