Mini Me Update – The Cornwall Free News JVC Everio sorta survives thanks to KAV Productions – Cornwall Ontario – October 9, 2010

Cornwall ON – Thank you to all of those who sent in condolences about Mini Me our little JVC Everio we have used since our inception in February 2009.   That shot above is Mini-Me lined up with the big boys doing a shoot of Premier McGuinty.     He may have been small, but he was plucky, and he traveled well and often.

Here Mini Me is getting ready to party with the boys from Beau’s Brewery in Vankleek Hill.  A good time was had by all that evening!

We rushed Mini Me over to Kevin Lamoureux of KAV Productions, a doctor of all things digital and electronic in in Cornwall, who probed Mini Me’s orifices and declared that Mini’s Hard Drive was no more.   The good news is that we can still use the smart card, but that frankly is a pain in the butt for shooting video.

So we must begin the search for Mini Me’s replacement as we do shoot a lot of video especially during this busy municipal election season.    We’re going to search the stores here in Cornwall and see what we can find because we do love to shop locally.

Mini Me will most likely be saved to be put on display one day in our new offices (when we get new offices) or we may use him to shoot still shots on special occasions.

Thank you Cornwall and thank you Canada for caring; and maybe, just maybe, if someone at JVC reads this that knows how to fix little Mini Me’s he can be put back into service…..


KAV Productions


  1. Mini Me only lasted a a year and a half. Sorry it ran into problems but 1.5 yrs is not a vert efficient ROI on a piece of equipment

  2. Well, looks like Mini Me needs a “Home cooked meal” Please allow us to see little mini me to see if it can be saved.

    Mario Anzini
    JVC Canada Inc.

  3. Bell and Howell makes a great eight mm moving picture camera. Big advantage is no battery it uses a clock work wind up key. It can’t be mess with by adobe photo shop so the images have a higher credibility. Processing takes less than a month too! And, get this, colour. Don’t get sucked in to this transient fad of e-cameras. It won’t last. Camera images by radio waves – maybe Tesla would agree with you.

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